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  1. Minecraft username: acdcrocks1998 (optional)Age:14 Why you want to play on this server: I love role playing How you found this server: I was looking through the servers for attack of the b-team Have you been banned from other servers, if so why?:No I have not How well do you know the mods?: I know them well but not Very much for the factory mods How often do you play?: almost every day depends on what u am doing Why do you feel you should be accepted?: I feel like I belong on a server that has RPG in it I have read the rules and know I will get banned for breaking them: yes
  2. Take screen shots of every angle of your house if you don't remember exactly how it's built then take it down so you won't lose anything and if you need help I can tomorrow morning.
  3. It's also good for people who just joined because we can all start at the same point. Anyway we will keep our inventories so its not a big deal.
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