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  1. Minecraft username: acdcrocks1998 (optional)Age:14 Why you want to play on this server: I love role playing How you found this server: I was looking through the servers for attack of the b-team Have you been banned from other servers, if so why?:No I have not How well do you know the mods?: I know them well but not Very much for the factory mods How often do you play?: almost every day depends on what u am doing Why do you feel you should be accepted?: I feel like I belong on a server that has RPG in it I have read the rules and know I will get banned for breaking them: yes -Roleplay section- Role-play character's name: TobarFelix-Modar Character's background story: There once was a lord named Benton Filix-Modar and a young lady ,who was married to this lord, and her name was Alana Majer. they lived in a small village in England. They had three children, the oldest was named Tony, the middle child was named Tina, and the youngest child was named Tobar. There father trained Tony in melee weapons. There mother trained Tina in white magic, witchery, and healing. One day when Tobar was 5 he was interested in where his father went every day, so being the adventurous as always he followed him to the training fields There Tobar found his way to the bow triaging. There he drew a crowd because of how skilled he was. his father walked over to the crowed and said " What is the meaning of this!" It got really quiet and soddenly an arrow was shot and hit dead center of the 100 meter target! Benton ran to the archery stand to see who let that arrow fly. When he saw it was his 5 year old son, he was so happy. Tony became jealous of his brother. From that day forward anger built up inside Tony. Benton stop taking Tony toTraining and took Tobar instead. About 10 years has passed and Tobar is now a squire and Tony left home last summer. Little did Tobar know that Tony was continuing his training in a different village. When Tobar became a royal guardsman/huntsman, he had to leave for the Holy Lands. later that year Tony came and burned down his old home. When Tobar heard the news of his home, he was relieved of duty for the year. Tobar tracked down his brother and they fought for countless hours. Tobar emerged victorious! He became blind in one eye. when the crown would not allow Tobar back into the royal army or to be a royal huntsman. He was deserted and has know family left and no home. He runs with the wolves know he is know as the Silver Wolf Sprit. The End Character's age: 33 I hope you enjoyed reading my story. Thank you for your time.
  2. Take screen shots of every angle of your house if you don't remember exactly how it's built then take it down so you won't lose anything and if you need help I can tomorrow morning.
  3. It's also good for people who just joined because we can all start at the same point. Anyway we will keep our inventories so its not a big deal.
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