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  1. Someone posted 2 applications, they are still being processed but... don't worry about it because... ANNOUNCEMENT!: After today the server will be shut down for a week as I will not have access to it for a week. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Its not your fault just a bad chunk because of the pipe mod. They are not fixing the modpack, so its just a matter of time till that happens again.
  3. Ok here is the dealio. Multi-part is having issues, which is a issue with the modpack, not my server. Essentially certain pipes are glitching up. I think @Meerkat004 that you are in a chunk with bad pipes which is why it appears you are crashing or you are crashing my server. I can move your character in MCedit to another location. The modpack is not being fixed as quickly as I would like it to be because the mod owners are not having this issue atm, and don't even want to admit it is a problem even though other servers are experiencing the same exact thing. We are considering moving to a new modpack temporary or permanently. It has only been discussed at this point. It is very possible they will fix some of these issues in the next update, but are waiting to long to update minor issues that constantly cause server crashing so I am not as hopefully as I should be. Sorry there is nothing more I can do without time, and really hope. Sorry for the inconvenience it has caused some of you all, I can only do minor stuff as I am not a scripter myself and cannot rewrite the coding. @NerdyMinecraftGaming let me know if you ever change ur mind. Anyway thats all for todays update, and remember keep on shnoopin'!
  4. You are accepted into the server but your role-play is deemed invalid. You can submit another roleplay application later if you wish to role-play on the server. But you will be able to join the server now when it is running.
  5. ANNOUNCEMENT! The Witch Hunter's Guild is has no pending trade offers currently. The last one has been fullfilled. If you think you have an item of value though please feel free to contact us! Long Live the Hunters!
  6. I am assuming by Yes I read the rules, you mean you accepted them... very well I accept you into this server, but abide by the rules. Also roleplay announcement! The witch hunter's guild is willing to give a fair trade for a Nether Cube!
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