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  1. It's not FTB. It's just called Crackpack from the ATLauncher. Please use the other forum for discussions.
  2. ATTN ALL CURRENT MEMBERS: We now have a forum so that we don't misuse this one. The link is . Please make a username and PM me and I will add you to the list so that you can chat with us. ATTN ALL NON-CURRENT MEMBERS: I'm sorry, but while we're in the middle of getting ready for the map to reset, we are going to hold off on accepting new member. But, I promise we will get right back to it as soon as we make the switch. Thank you all for being patient and understanding!
  3. Yeah dude its got all aspects of war. It has magic, guns, machine shit. I love the turrets and stuff.
  4. Anyone that wants to join the crackpack server needs to watch someone's first crackpack episode to know the rules.
  5. I don't think there will be team captains but we can decide that as a team. Also nami said he was looking into making a Teamspeak or vent.
  6. Ok when we get close to that server opening, I will take down everyone's names that want to be on there and do a random selection and display the teams somewhere.
  7. Yeah dude that's the point of the pack. We can divide into however many teams and have an all out war. With no destroying bases, machines, and no stealing. Just pure murder.
  8. This server will stay Attack of the B-Team and Nami is going to make a crackpack server.
  9. Nah man the only way I'm resetting is when i go to another mod pack. I have too much stuff to get rid off.