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  1. But ya my video card is outdated so ill try to get a new one and see if that works.
  2. Oh shat there is no way possible for MY computer to load shaders at all and my dad said we did need to get a new video card so i guess that would do it, but what i dont understand is i get kicked off even before i load a world wouldnt shaders kick me off ounce i load a world?
  3. Ok i got rid of the second Java update but it still didnt work D:
  4. Ya i checked i have Java 7 and no Java 6 but there is a Java 7 Update 51 and a Java 7 update 51 (64-Bit)
  5. I m not sure but is the Java version the reason i cant play Bteam?
  6. Ya every time i get the java update thing (and im 100% this time that its the latest version) it said i already have it. So its not my java being outdated :/
  7. Im 99% sure its the latest java. But ill check.
  8. Nothing changed, the same thing happened before i reset the pack.
  9. Ok now i think i got it. http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=hH3J0xSR
  10. Ok here is what i have done. http://pastebin.com/
  11. Ya my java is 64 bit wich im sure is the latest version of java. But im not sure i know what you mean by "error logs".
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