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  1. As long as you guys act mature your age is not a big deal. My names Alex and i'm 18 myself. I sent the first two people who replied with messages with the IP and whitelisted them and I'll do the same for you two.
  2. Hello everyone! I just got a Tekkit Legends server hosted with 4gbs of RAM and I'm looking for a few mature people to come join, preferably with some Tekkit experience. I'd like to build a nice, fun, and helpful community. The server will be whitelisted so if you're interested reply to this with your IGN, age, and a little about your tekkit experience. The goal here is to build a nice, mature community where we can all have fun. Also I wasn't going to add any plugins because I want to play the mod pack in its pure form, therefore I am looking for people that can be trusted not to grief and what not. Although if people would prefer to have some plugins we can do that. Let me know if you're interested!
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