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  1. I alrdy redownload it a cuple of times is there maybe a fix for the launcher error "unable to acsess BTeam.jar" got wind7 64bit and jarva7
  2. If I want to start the launcher it says unable to access BTeam.jar :s
  3. Hey guys I have some stange porblms with my server and i hope u can help me to fix that! (its a attack on the b team server!) First of all i cant start the server with the launcher.bat it says "unablte to access jarfile BTeam.jar". BUT i can start the server with the "minecraft_server.1.6.4.jar. So im hosting the server with hamachi and im ablte to connect and know the problem starts: As soon as i play on the server the world dosent has any new biomes or animals if I go to creativ and try to take new items they just dissapere or donĀ“t work. I realy havent found a fix for that yet and now I hoped u could help me a bit :S Ps sorry for thw bad english x)
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