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  1. Hello I was hoping you still have that tppi server

  2. Hey Surv1vell! Hope you remember me, would love to join! haha IGN: Redbarron Age: 22 Location: Netherlands You know what i like. Im the machine boss builder! xD
  3. Hello! Since I came across the new TPPI pack I wanted to play that with others on a server (I love technic mods), but I couldnt find a server that i liked. So i built my own! It is a fresh new world, so we all start more or less at the same time, its fun to see everyone beeing busy figuring out mods. I want it to be a mature server, with people who want to play minecraft, but without stealing, breaking and all the stuff I saw in other servers. Only some relaxed gaming here. I'm looking mainly to European players, so we can play at the same time. Also the server is located in A
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