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  1. Hello I was hoping you still have that tppi server

  2. Hey Surv1vell! Hope you remember me, would love to join! haha IGN: Redbarron Age: 22 Location: Netherlands You know what i like. Im the machine boss builder! xD
  3. Hello! Since I came across the new TPPI pack I wanted to play that with others on a server (I love technic mods), but I couldnt find a server that i liked. So i built my own! It is a fresh new world, so we all start more or less at the same time, its fun to see everyone beeing busy figuring out mods. I want it to be a mature server, with people who want to play minecraft, but without stealing, breaking and all the stuff I saw in other servers. Only some relaxed gaming here. I'm looking mainly to European players, so we can play at the same time. Also the server is located in Amsterdam so the connection will be the best in Europe. Interested? Let me know! So are you: - 21 years and older - Sick of all the caps talks and immature pranking (where not against pranking) and young people - Friendly and willing to build a wonderfull place with a group of great players - Play regularly - Looking for a place to stay for a long time to come. - Willing to help people with problems then this might just be your new server! You can be let in if you submit the following application: Ingame name: Age: Reason why you want to join: Experience with MC and TPPI: What are you planning on doing: You'll get the IP in PM. looking forward to your application! Redbarron1992 (From Holland)
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