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  1. wow, that is cheating, but i really like the glitch so thanks a lot, also i think they will get it fixed quickly, even if to get to the point of exploiting this you have already reached the end game, so having creative tanks is only granting a speed up for those who already spent a long time grinding to get the resources anyway.
  2. So, where to start. Firstly I wouldn't worry too much about being infected in the first hours of play, it's only natural to get some damage in order to collect resources. When you have enought consider travelling to every place indicated by the explorer and unlocking the teleportation to those spots, it will grant you more "clean" space to expand. When mining start by collecting everything in the terrain directly underneath the safe spots, then use branch mining to get the amount of ores required to build decent tools (remember to get a smeltery asap to increase your efficency). one big problem is food in the early game, start one farm immediatly and expand it fast, so you can stop worrying about it. Btw, the purple thing is "the infection" or "taint", The purple land is all infected and the biome is actually called "infected land". the flower simply converts biomes into the original ones, nothing more, by doing so it will make the fibrous taint despawn and clean the land.
  3. golden tools are obtainable in the supplier section of the quest book.
  4. I managed to trap him in a safari net (early in the game you can obtain the required elements with the supplier) and then just created a cage from which i could slowly chip away at his health. You don't even need a safari net, just get to eerie island and build the trap, then lure him in.
  5. the amount of vis used is unknown, but I can tell you is not much. You should really try to write better, I didn't understand the second part of your sentence.
  6. just "punch" the node, "using" it wont purify it.
  7. You can clear them, explore the thaumcraft research tree, there is everything you will need to clear taint, from regular totems to the dawn machine, in a recent update even the purity focus can now clear tainted nodes, so it has become quite easy.
  8. use filtering pipes to divide the outputs of the furnaces in different pipe lines, each connected to a different side of the automatic alembic. use buffers to better deal with different kinds of essentia getting stuck in the system.
  9. so, for the eldritch tab you should perform the ritual described in the page itself. To get knowledge frags i travelled to the farlands, a dimension used to seek the primal pearl (perform the ritual described and you will get there) and destroyed some of the walls blocks.
  10. for alienis I used the obsidian totems on eerie island until i could go to the farlands and farm ender pearls
  11. clear the blight, regular mobs won't spawn on cursed land biome.
  12. the satchel is not a wearable item, but rather a storage device kept in the inventory, just right click to open and store stuff inside it
  13. thanks a lot, in the end i managed to clean the entire island before I finally found them, took me 2 weeks to farm dawn totems and start cleaning but at last I did it. I want to thank you anyway for your time.
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