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  1. any idea how much vis eeded and case of holdig down left click
  2. any idea how u do it with the purity focus as thats how i was trying t do it but couldnt get it to do it
  3. Hi I read somewhere you culd clean tainted nodes is this true and how ?
  4. Is it possible to catch a villager in a safari net on single player if so how do u do it
  5. I dont no if many are aware of this but most likely you are but i thought i share this incase u wasnt aware (yes i know its on FTB but u can still do this i think lol)
  6. i just been about flying round getting lost as usual in the nether no 1 told my world cobalt was rarer then ardite lol i had 55 cobalt and 26 ardite lol thanks for the help guys
  7. Looking for Ardite and Cobalt and wondered is it better to cave in the nether to find these as they seem be hard to find on the surface or what areas should i look at
  8. yea it be good to make some contact with a couple people and talk on skype before starting a server see if we have similar iideas
  9. would really like to find a couple of people and make a series like the real B team
  10. Seed:- 4559960229444339824 try going around x118 z1089 prob not round spawn but might intrest u and some of the surrounding land u could easily terraform to what u want if u wanted also around them cords is a lava pool nearby good for getting to nether or in the smeltry and in that area there is something else around but if u want to know i could tell you but u may want to find it out yourself
  11. Post your combos for tinkers construct from starting out to being established to help people out
  12. Ideally i would like to find a few people and try to start a server for a youtube series but wouldnt know where to start lol
  13. I would like to update to the new update thats in beta but im no clue how to do it can anyone give me a detailed guide what i need to do and how i update the mods if i need to or should i just wait for it to launch properly Single Player Survival World Also how to i put screenshots into posts ?
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