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  1. I completely agree with OP. It's what has stopped me from using these forums regularly. Every second topic is :- "Attack of the b team wont load"
  2. press r key on the item, it shows the crafting recipe. Thats what NotEnoughItems is for
  3. Looking for a seed with lots of islands at or around spawn. Every time i open a new world and fly around for a few hours all i ever get is massive lands, then ocean then more massive lands. I did check config file at Oceans are on, so I dont understand. I have used google and youtube with no result. Any help greatly appreciated
  4. Minecraft name: ZeBennett Age (preferred 18+ as mature language is allowed on the server, as long as it is not insulting): 21 Why you want to join: I like playing multiplayer, checking out other peoples builds and showing my own Your greatest Minecraft strengths : building Your Minecraft Weaknesses : Grinding and farming How often you will be on : Most days 2-5 hrs
  5. Application: 1: Minecraft Name - ZeBennett 2: What country do you live in? UK 3: Will you be uploading to YouTube, if so what is your YouTube channel? - Not currently, possibly at a later date 4: How many times a week do you plan to be on? - I average 15-20 hours per week on minecraft 5: How old are you (You do not have to post on the forum if you do not want, send it to me in a private message!) - 21 6: Do you accept the rules of the server? Of course 7: Do you agree to not steal from other players? Without a doubt
  6. What is your in game name? ZeBennett Why would you like to join our server? I want a friendly multiplayer world where I can get on with building in peace and also have the option of interacting and adventuring with others How old are you? 24 What can you bring to the server? Helping out, nice builds and plenty activity Are you Friendly? I don't see the point in not being friendly Can you take a joke? Of course Can you tell when someone is joking about? Yeah, most the time ha
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