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  1. Hi, I made a modpack but when I tried to download it I keep getting the message "Error unzipping a file for the following mod pack attempting to extract but it does not exist" What is the cause of this? Here is the download link: https://copy.com/cwY2fEcAt3d9X3LR/Defiance Cold War Pack.zip?download=1 Here is the mod pack link as well: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/defiance-cold-war-pack.784794
  2. Hi, so well lately I've seen that the populations of a lot of Voltz servers has gone down. I'm just wondering if you guys think that Attack of the B-Team killed Voltz. I personally think yes. I never cared for Attack since it didn't have ICBM's. Also do you think Voltz will make a come back?
  3. Hi so I know Attack of the B- Team just came out a while ago but do you guys know what the next modpack added to the Technic Launcher will be? Also how is that determined? Thanks!
  4. Server sucks owner is a disgrace. A friend and I were playing on the server and our property had been grief through a bypass in his protections. I asked him kindly to fix it. He proceeded to grown the biggest tree in the game over our house. he laughed said it looked great and left. I asked him to take it down and he accused us of duping by using a banned pipe. We had none of the pipes with us nor any of the sixteen chest of dragon eggs he said we had. After he proceeded to ban us and not giv...

  5. It's up we changed nodes so the number ip is now different. Please connect using 11thdream.thesmelter.com that's the new ip!
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