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  1. In Game Nick: josvde Skype: josvde1 Age: 16 Country: Belgium Modpack Experience: I know well tinkers' construct, some Project red, I could make you a perfect diner whit food plus (5 stars) , and I'm learning advanced geneticts, and I knew how to hande witchery but I forgot the most of the mod Basic Online Times: 1h a day from monday till friday , in the weekend it last from how long I can play from my back or eyes, I quit when they start to hurt haha Favorite Mod: till now Witchery Why do you want to play on the Server: Because I'm proud of the EURO! No jk. I would like to come in contact whit other minecrafters, and play whit them! I want to learn from people, teach from people , and espaccially have fun whit them What do you like to do on the Server: Build and epic hidden base under my basic starter house, and prank people whit witchery What should we know about you: I'm the noob who haves fun whit the basic and not whit the diffucult hypersonic ultra machines stuff (I only like advance genetics) So I will have to learn some more and hopefully this server can help me
  2. IGN: josvde Age: 15 Location: Belgium Modpack experience: Tinker's construct , witchery , carpenters mod , food plus Why you?: because my name is Jos? Anything extra you want to add?: I like to play, learn and teach from and whit other people
  3. IGN: josvde Age: 15 Do you record: Yes , my dancing videos! I don't record my micecraft Could you donate (does not affect your chances): Maybe not sure , if I ask my mother , but there could be a little chance. What would you do on the server: Survival, learn from people , have fun, learn some better english (My English is okay ,but I have to learn much more) Why would you want to join this server: To have fun ? what else... What do you love most about AoTBT: The uncountless ways to make, create, discover stuff Extra: Favourite mod: Carpenters
  4. skype: josvde IGN: josvde 15 I will add you on skype in a minute
  5. I will ad you on skype , and I will like to play on your server
  6. IGN: josvde I want to join because I had bad examens for english, and my teacher advised me to talk more english whit people. I think playing minecraft whit other english peopple is the nicest way to practice my english
  7. I still cant view my morphs , ive reinstalled the whole technic pack and ive tried to change some controls in the morhp configuration file... hopeless
  8. How do I reset my controls to default?
  9. I indeed can't even view my morphs
  10. Do you think if I edit something on my keyboard? Will it work then?
  11. I've tried the bracket keys [ and ] and this key { and } , but non of them works to morph , I've searched for an our on the web but I can't find a sollution... Which keys should I try ? Or is there something whit the settings of my keybord or the morph settings? I've a linux pc and I think a regular windows keybord. Please help me whit my problem