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  1. The server is down until 16:50PM UK time im in east midlands so figure out what time for you
  2. The server is back up i had to stop it to fix bugs and crashes All added
  3. Btw if you guys cannot connect don't copy the ip just write it in yourself It is alos 1.0.8 so sorry if you didn't know :0
  4. Everyone is added to the whitelist Congrats and remember no griefing or i will ban you and remove from whitelist
  5. A brand new Whitelisted Attack of the B-Team needs players a maximum of 20 spaces so hurry and get your free whitelist....If you do not make it in time do not worry the server will upgrade each week up to 10 spots.... Please join and enjoy No Griefing allowed as it would ruin the gameplay Please tell me your IGN and the reason why you want to join Levon25 b-team02.no-ip.biz
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