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  1. experiencing some technical problems with the server setup. should be up soon! i understand if you peruse other servers!
  2. accepted! server is almost ready. will pm you and the others when the ip is ready!
  3. you are both accepted! i wil pm you the ip when the server is ready! cant wait to have you!
  4. Accepted! Cant wait to have yous aboard! setting the world up now ill pm you both with the ip when ready
  5. Back story: So recently me and a friend wanted to play attack of the bteam on a server. But when my friend started up the modpack it would load to the "MOJANG" splash screen then, it would just go right back to the technic launcher like everything was all dandy and fine. My favorite color is red. well, NO! we did not stand for it. we eventually found out that the cause of the crash was from his video card no longer supporting OpenGL 2.0 for the "Necromancy Mod". and upon removing that mod, the modpack then started back up just fine. As A Result: I decided, ( even though i cannot aff
  6. im letting my cousin use my account on here to apply for the server so the following is his answers to the app Minecraft name: Callmedaddy88 What country do you live in: united states Do you have Skype?: yes, tommymucci Do you upload to Youtube?: no Age: 20 Acceptance of server rules?: Accepted.
  7. Minecraft name: tomullman18 What country do you live in: usa Do you have Skype? yes, heyitstom18 Do you upload to Youtube? used to Age: 20 Acceptance of server rules: Accepted
  8. i agree. i think this would be a great mod to replace the ships mod that is currently in the pack.
  9. This Server is now closed as of 10am EST wednesday march 26th. Due to low play times from all members(sorry to new members who havent had a chance), and most of all i will NOT pay for a server that is barely used. Sorry to all that enjoyed their time on the server but it has come to an end after only a 3 month run. Maybe one day ill bring it back for new players who will actually dedicate time to the server. Server is now Updated to Version 1.0.9c IP: Hello Fellow b-teamers! A week or so ago i started this server and it was a success. but do to
  10. the Server is up and running. the ip is There is NO spawn instructions or hall. All community Buildings are built by members in SURVIVAL mode. Not Creative. The most important thing to remember is to have fun!! whoever was quoted and accepted has been whitelisted. as you see there are 100 slots. obviously that is a buffer. the server is Hosted by vortex Servers. ive dealt with them for all my servers and are very reliable. 24/7 up time. 5GBs of ram. so have a ball people! try to form a spawn town! be merchants! do whatever it takes to be a friend! anyone l
  11. you will all be accepted. give me a few hours to set things up but i should have it running later tonight. thank you all for applying. ill be accepting a few others as well. there isnt technically an age limit. im not going to accept people under 15. even tho 15 and 16 are pushing it for me. I just dont want to have to explain jokes or conversations to little kids. or have a bunch of spammy kids griefing. thats all
  12. NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTED APPLICATIONS! ATT: ANY CURRENT MEMBERS TRYING TO CONNECT THE NEW IP IS : Server is now Updated to Version 1.0.8 Dragon mounts and dubstep guns are now fixed. so DO NOT remove them from your client! I want to start a Mature server that is completely (vanilla) in the sense that there will be no creative members nor will there be spawned in items...EVER I DONT MIND STARTING THIS SERVER! As long as i have dedicated people to keep it alive Im looking for people that can do at least 5 hours a day. i dont mind youtubers. if you ha
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