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  1. It's actually from RandomThings mod. Not the weather mod.
  2. This has bothered me for like 3 months, I can't figure out what is causing these puddles that make my dirt dumb when it rains? Is this a vanilla feature? Is this a mod? Can it be disabled?
  3. perpetualgamer

    CZ wiki

    One possible option is that you could just remake each page in Czech, using /cz as your page id. http://wiki.technicpack.net/cz/Main_Page you could goto the link and start the translation into Czech, then do the same for other pages. http://wiki.technicpack.net/cz/Buildcraft http://wiki.technicpack.net/cz/Thermal_Expansion Does that make any sense?
  4. 1) Fuckin droplr lied to me, I took them and thought they weren't showing the pause menu, sorry for not doing the due diligence on checking my stuff. 2) Yes sir, also i didn't mention this, but if i try to reload the game after the crash, I get the same crash. 3) As soon as I get home I will let you know how it goes. Hopefully this will fix all my crap, which would be legit.
  5. Hey I have a crash to report to you! When I place a set of template carriages like so. http://d.pr/i/BL52 I then right-click it and it turns into one, like so. http://d.pr/i/KVmC When I right-click it to expand the ghost it crashes http://d.pr/i/LyQr http://pastebin.com/yVmnuZiP is the crash dump. I'm on version 1.5.2 minecraft, using your 2.0.0 version for 1.5.x
  6. Par for the course unfortunately, this is why I haven't played a lot of the sims 3 content. I just dont have a 900$ budget every time a new sims comes out. I'm hoping sims 4 is more feature complete out of the gate, but history says no. That aside, great game, I've constructed "dream homes" that make me sad I'll never be able to afford, haha.
  7. So I had this thought that with MFFS and all the other security type stuff thats part of plugins. That I might not use grief prevention for players, and make it so they have to use the tools available through normal gameplay to achieve it. My concern is this will drive away players who aren't willing to invest the time to get that high into the `tech tree`. I also think that this will make players build even more awesome and elaborate bases. My server is going to be pvp, within reason, so I want to encourage players to seek out each other for combat and raiding, but I want players to have a chance to hide/withstand it. What are your guys thoughts on this kinda idea? Has it worked for you?
  8. username: Perpetualgamer & perpetualgamer2 I will not grief in homeworld: Yes & Yes I will be polite & not swear in general chat: Yes & Yes I will respect staff & listen to directions: Yes & YEs I will report and not abuse any bugs: Yes & Yes I will know and follow the rules: Yes & Yes I have _____ Tekkit experience: 1 year & 6 Months
  9. I'm looking for a Good PvP server, however with the ban on ender perals? Doens't that kill ALOT of different things? Is this still a thing?
  10. Well worth the time investment to setup, makes creating modpacks and maintaining them soooo much nicer.
  11. Pretty sure i've been around longer than you good man, but thanks for the survival tips ;p don't let these guys get to you. Gotta respect the pains gold.
  12. Ah, my bad. Hopefully they not be hating too much.
  13. I used to frequent this forum, and have been shadowing you guys for quite some time, waiting for the next big minecraft thing. I have played around with making a personal modpack for awhile and I finally did so, however it was annoying (to say the least) to update. I have since used platform to create a modpack based on TekkitLite. This was super easy, especially to get it out to my sisters who play with me in MC. Today I decided to setup solder and get my modpack converted to solder. I had some issues setting up solder but now that its done, the entire process has been going so well I wanted to stop and thank you guys again. Thank you SCT, Kaker, Icewolf, Cheapshot, and Jay? because he made me happy that one time. You guys are amazing, and all talented in your individual areas.
  14. I was operating under the assumption that you guys have RedPower Computer stuff enabled, I am really good at making cool towns, the last one I made in SSP had a powergrid, a water supply, and had a utilities type function. Would love to build something like that in SMP.
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