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  1. It's actually from RandomThings mod. Not the weather mod.
  2. This has bothered me for like 3 months, I can't figure out what is causing these puddles that make my dirt dumb when it rains? Is this a vanilla feature? Is this a mod? Can it be disabled?
  3. perpetualgamer

    CZ wiki

    One possible option is that you could just remake each page in Czech, using /cz as your page id. you could goto the link and start the translation into Czech, then do the same for other pages. Does that make any sense?
  4. 1) Fuckin droplr lied to me, I took them and thought they weren't showing the pause menu, sorry for not doing the due diligence on checking my stuff. 2) Yes sir, also i didn't mention this, but if i try to reload the game after the crash, I get the same crash. 3) As soon as I get home I will let you know how it goes. Hopefully this will fix all my crap, which would be legit.
  5. Hey I have a crash to report to you! When I place a set of template carriages like so. I then right-click it and it turns into one, like so. When I right-click it to expand the ghost it crashes is the crash dump. I'm on version 1.5.2 minecraft, using your 2.0.0 version for 1.5.x
  6. Par for the course unfortunately, this is why I haven't played a lot of the sims 3 content. I just dont have a 900$ budget every time a new sims comes out. I'm hoping sims 4 is more feature complete out of the gate, but history says no. That aside, great game, I've constructed "dream homes" that make me sad I'll never be able to afford, haha.
  7. So I had this thought that with MFFS and all the other security type stuff thats part of plugins. That I might not use grief prevention for players, and make it so they have to use the tools available through normal gameplay to achieve it. My concern is this will drive away players who aren't willing to invest the time to get that high into the `tech tree`. I also think that this will make players build even more awesome and elaborate bases. My server is going to be pvp, within reason, so I want to encourage players to seek out each other for combat and raiding, but I want players to have a chance to hide/withstand it. What are your guys thoughts on this kinda idea? Has it worked for you?
  8. username: Perpetualgamer & perpetualgamer2 I will not grief in homeworld: Yes & Yes I will be polite & not swear in general chat: Yes & Yes I will respect staff & listen to directions: Yes & YEs I will report and not abuse any bugs: Yes & Yes I will know and follow the rules: Yes & Yes I have _____ Tekkit experience: 1 year & 6 Months
  9. IGN (In Game Name): perpetualgamer/perpetualgamer2 Age: 24/18 Why Gearz?: We believe that this server will provide a nice experience for us, we have been playing together for a long time but always locally. What do you want to build on the server?: An amazing space station, with a moon base to match.
  10. I'm looking for a Good PvP server, however with the ban on ender perals? Doens't that kill ALOT of different things? Is this still a thing?
  11. Well worth the time investment to setup, makes creating modpacks and maintaining them soooo much nicer.
  12. Pretty sure i've been around longer than you good man, but thanks for the survival tips ;p don't let these guys get to you. Gotta respect the pains gold.
  13. Ah, my bad. Hopefully they not be hating too much.
  14. I used to frequent this forum, and have been shadowing you guys for quite some time, waiting for the next big minecraft thing. I have played around with making a personal modpack for awhile and I finally did so, however it was annoying (to say the least) to update. I have since used platform to create a modpack based on TekkitLite. This was super easy, especially to get it out to my sisters who play with me in MC. Today I decided to setup solder and get my modpack converted to solder. I had some issues setting up solder but now that its done, the entire process has been going so well I wanted to stop and thank you guys again. Thank you SCT, Kaker, Icewolf, Cheapshot, and Jay? because he made me happy that one time. You guys are amazing, and all talented in your individual areas.
  15. I was operating under the assumption that you guys have RedPower Computer stuff enabled, I am really good at making cool towns, the last one I made in SSP had a powergrid, a water supply, and had a utilities type function. Would love to build something like that in SMP.
  16. Your site is down. Thread title: Perpetualgamer How old are you?: 23 How often are you available and in what timezone?: MTN Previous bans (include reason): None How did you hear about us?: Used to play Have you read and agreed to our server rules?: yes Why would you be a good addition to the server?:* Great Building skills, programmer, could make some cool computer type stuff.
  17. I am working on the world for a server I plan on launching and I figured I would post screenshots as I build and get feedback, this is the first time i've done anything like this. The first piece, the enterance/exit to the spawn town.
  18. Please, don't be ignorant, add to the conversation. How do you plan to change the community if you can't debate.
  19. Kakermix, cares more about the end-user than many developers. If you need proof, then look to the recent debacle with SirSengir and forestry. SS cared so much about end-users that if they used Technic his bees destroyed their world. Kaker cared so much about end-users that he quickly removed the malicious mod. If SS ever cared about end-users, he proved that he no longer does with that little bit of code. Kaker has made everyone on this forum, enjoy the game just a little bit more. I would never have got into mods without TechnicPack, I can say that 100%. I am the proof that what kaker has built, is great. Just as a stupid side-note, the great wall of china, one of the greatest pieces of construction in this world, is built upon corpses. I don't think you fully understand... I see your point of view I do, you keep asking us as Technic users to give you this list of permissions. I am going to lay this out for you as straight as possible. No one here cares about the list of permissions. If you are a Technic user then you understand the reason the pack exists, and you personally usually don't care about permissions. I don't care if Kaker asked, I care that Kaker made me a amazingly simple to use modpack. I cannot speak for the entire community of but I'm confident that I am not the only one who feels this way. Do not call us mindless sheep, we do not question Kaker because we all realized that our enjoyment of this game is more important than some squabble between Kaker and a bunch of developers. No one is in the right, Kaker isn't for being an overall asshat, and proud. The Developers aren't right for being so covert, riling and splitting the community. All that should matter is rather I can enjoy minecraft. All that should matter is that YOU can enjoy minecraft. If there is someone out there that isn't enjoying minecraft then we as a community (Minecraft community) have failed. We as developers have ruined are chances to change the way things are done in the world. We as Technic have ruined the opportunity to provide a real experience for end-users. If you want to support infighting and bickering then please continue down your current path. If you want the game to continue to be great, realize the truth. The truth is that this is our game, we will play it how we want to play it, and we deserve to play it in the best ways possible. If a solution that does this same thing is much better than Technic then good for it. If Technic remains the only major modpack for a long time, great for it. But as the gamer, as a player. I will not stand for some person who thinks they are elect among men, to ruin my experience, because he doesn't like a person. I will not stand idly by while you insult a man who has done more to move this game forward than a man who installed a virus in his software to get people to stop using it a certain way. The developer may have made the effort, done the work, but they did it for a game, for fun, for the user! Why do they choose to forget that now? Because a man named Kaker has a troll personality. If a developer openly says they want their mod out of Technic, then I believe Kaker would begrudgingly do it. However to any developer who wants their mod out of Technic, I say this: "You are perpetuating the deceit and destruction that major game development/publishing corporations have been inflicting upon the user for years. Are you proud of yourself, are you so prideful that you can't enjoy the fact that users use your mod without asking? Do you think every customer of a product emails the company asking to you use it before they do? What makes you so much better than me? Do I not matter?" If they want to take it out even after answering that question, then they do not belong here. They do not belong in a community. They belong at a round table, surround by other soulless pathetic investors, whose only goal is to squeeze recognition and money out of the masses. I am proud to be a member of the Technic community, a Community where innovation and the joy of the game is spread. I am proud to not be viewed as a simple member of the masses. Kaker & CO I salute you.
  20. I've been avoiding this topic because I love both FTB and Technic Pack. However there is one key thing I felt I had to chime in about. If the developers of the mods in question are truly not monsters, then it doesn't matter how many "bridges" Kaker has burnt, if he choose to (I cannot speak to his master plan) he could rebuild them. If you thought the Technic Pack was a good idea, why would you come here and suggest that the glue that holds it all together leaves. Ultimately the key feature comes down to what The Merchant of Menace said, a game should be entirely about the end-user. When someone says "Hey, mods are making this game funner, keep doing them." they do so because it makes the game better for the end-user. However regardless of permissions or not, I care not for any of that, I also don't care for any legal argument. On a fundamental level why would you work on a game if your only goal wasn't to make the end-user happy. If you truly believe that goal why should it matter who does what with who's code. *SNIP* I love the work of these developers, but I am afraid they are forgetting the real reason why they got into this in the first place. I can't honestly belive that they did it for recognition and money (I am exclusively referring to technic pack mod developers; It's very obvious that some MCDev's are in it for just those). We play these games for fun, we build on top of these games for fun. As soon as we fight amongst each other, no matter how "assholish" any one party looks, is the moment we are no better than EA or Activision, or any other developer/publisher who only cares about the bottom line. Thank you for your time. EDIT: That entire section breaks the rules, so I can't use it in an argument. Which is a shame. Just imagine it was very convincing.
  21. Title: Crafting Wireless Redstone finished components causes "connect reset" Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows 7 - 64 Bit Java Version: Java 7 Description of Problem: I can craft the Rether parts, but whenever I try to combine them into a finished reciever/transmitter/jammer/remote blah... It causes the server to boot me with a connect reset. When I log back in the ingredients are on the ground and it doesn't get built. I do not have access to the server logs at this time. As it is not my server, but as soon as my friend who hosts it is on I can post them. Error Messages: Error Log:
  22. So I recently got into Towns a whole lot, mostly because someone said it was like dwarf fortress for kids who need graphics. To be honest I was a lot more successful with it than I was with DF. Probably cause it has graphics to be sure. I recommend it to everyone, however thats not why I was posting. I am posting because I was wondering if anyone knew any games similar in concept, kingdom building sims with the level of freedom and complexity as DF, Towns. I'd prefer a free game, but I'd pay for a good one. Anyone got anything off the top of their head?
  23. Apparently Flowerchild has groupies. Morvelaira, look her up.
  24. Question, is there any merit to BTW? Ignoring the creator, does the mod offer ANY value at all?