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  1. Dude, have you ever tried making cooling cells, or any other component in a nuclear reactor? Those things are a pain to make if you need to remove them out one by one. I'm actually happy that RP is packaged with IC.
  2. Speaking for myself, I haven't seen a list of permissions for Technic from the modders. To be honest, I doubt one exsists. I'm still using Technic anyway, for the sole reason that it would take me hours to go through the mods and install them manually, then correcting the IDs in order to play online with my friends. If the modpack slowpoke is making is of a higher quality, (which, looking at DW server let's play, is) and is easy to install as Technic, I will without hesitant move to the slowpoke pack. EDIT: I'll hate it if it's called Feed the Beast modpack though.
  3. I'll be staying neutral here, guys. @Slowpoke The majority of the Technic community goes along the idea that "The end justifies the means." This basically means that if the end product is of a benefit to everyone, it generally is accepted. The Technic Pack was unplanned when it was being made. Like numerious times mentioned before, it was a mod pack on the something awful for his friends before the Yogscast came in and made it publicly known. The rest is pretty much history. @Kaker If you truly want to get Technic to be a legitimate modpack, I suggest having a few chats with Slowpok
  4. Just woke up, and god did this thread inflate rather quickly. I'll look at the comments after I come back from ROTC. EDIT: Just dropping this off before I go, CovertJaguar did stop caring about the Technic Pack. Source: http://www.youtube.com/all_comments?v=45TOdV8MqvM (I know)
  5. What I'm about to say might be quite controversial , but if Kaker wanted to, he could possibly retire the whole Technic pack if FTB proves to be of superior quality while being as easy to install as Technic. He dreamt of a modpack that included the best quality mods in an easy to install launcher, and from the sounds of it FTB sounds to be like that. Heck, maybe the FTB may end up in the Technic launcher one day. Who knows?
  6. I'm actually more curious on what the FTB modpack means for Technic, to be honest.
  7. Link to the article in question : http://www.feed-the-beast.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5 For the lazy So, what do you guys think?
  8. Eh, as far as I know, he dosn't run advertisements on his videos, and neither does he even have a donation link in his let's play thread. I honestly think Direwolf is a simple man who just wants to stay out of trouble and enjoy minecraft. Does anyone have a link to this?
  9. I'm just squishing in my opinion about the behavior of the modding community here. I think it has somewhat to do with the mentality of the average minecraft player. So pretend you build a mansion, then someone takes it and post a video about it, with credits and link given to you. Then, you'll get all defensive and stuff, claiming that it's your mansion, etc. I really don't know how to put this into better terms.
  10. http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/05/24/minecraft-update-snapshot-includes-trading-currency-new-item-and-sandstone-stairs/ So first pistons, now this. And you can't even color code these chests. I say we start a petition to get Mojang to prioritize modding support, simply because they're damn slow to update minecraft.
  11. I watch Direwolf, and he's pretty darn informative.
  12. 1TB/day. That would be enough to blow a hole in any of the modder's budget.
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