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  1. RichardG is doing a "valiant effort" to maintain it, but he's no Alblaka.
  2. Yeah, that's 1.5.1 That's going to take a long-ass time, sorry. Nothing we can really do about it.
  3. Mooseman9: I'm the last member of the JSTR team to use Technic, let alone like it. :P
  4. Oh, it's been being updated, lol. Zica just abandoned Technic.
  5. Hamachi's likely the issue; port forward it and host it normally.
  6. Yes, it was. Why would you want to play an outdated Minecraft, with outdated mods, and no support from the community? Try Tekkit Lite, Big Dig, or one of the cool platform packs like Roots. :)
  7. Also, because of Zicamox's absence, I've started a new thread. I'll also be petitioning a moderator to lock this one, so please, any support requests/suggestions/etc should go in the new thread.
  8. Can't see the pictures? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rvakgocz4sxlmmg/aoerwNzOoI Credits: JohnSmith LazDude2012 Glowstrontium Zicamox Freakscar JohnLemon Until further notice, go here for downloads: http://jstr.jslegacy.com/index.htm YES, we know the text on some GUIs is hard to read, but NO, it's not our fault, and NO, it's not going to be changed. Any change we make would break the style of JSTR. Hey Technic Forums, I'm back. Please direct any support questions/requests here, as the other thread has been abandoned. Remember, JSTR is a community pack, and w
  9. Oh, the pack's being updated. Just pretty slowly, that's all. That's kinda how we've always rolled. Zicamox pretty much abandoned Technic Forums (and Technic in general). I'm the only one left who even likes Technic, let alone uses their forums. Anyway, we now have a new way of distributing the pack, via the JSTR Patcher. (I'm not a fan, but it makes it easier for us to do the textures) Get it here: http://jstr.jslegacy.com/ Thanks :D
  10. Bloody hell! That's almost a year of necro!
  11. Yeah, just gotta throw in my 2p. You guys have been doing amazing things, and I'm grateful.
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