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  1. Are you trying to mine on a surface that would move you, eg in water, clouds, etc? Because its pretty much impossible to use it to mine while being shoved around by water.
  2. Because the mod is buggy like that. Either its supposed to work for everything and cakes walk as far as the eye can see, or its unintentional that even that one should work and only a few of the cakes do.
  3. Solar panels are picky motherfuckers. The only thing I can get them to output into is directly putting them ontop of mekanism energy cubes.
  4. No idea if this has been fixed in the newer versions, but two things with Mekanism. 1. Ultimate Energy Cubes won't imput or output when you log back into the game until you dismantle them and put them down again. 2. Solar Arrays won't output to redstone energy conduits and won't even connect to universal cable despite coming from the same pack unless you have to connect it to the side in which case, what the fuck :V They're solar arrays, they go on your roof. They will, however, when you put them ontop of a mekanism energy cube's imput sides which is my current workaround.
  5. This is what I was trying to say. "Easy" shouldn't mean "You can literally make as much as you want out of nothing without leaving your house any time you want".
  6. Theres "easy" and then theres "As much as you want, whenever you want, with no effort". AKA, "just play Creative" or "just NEI /give yourself more."
  7. I'll have to experiment with the plasma cannon. If it can break beehives like a scoop and break loose nether ore without making it chain-explode or aggro pigmen, like the mining laser could, then I might actually use it.
  8. Will definitely look into it. 1 cube can barely hold 1 fuel bucket's worth of energy output :T Its kind of absurdly insufficient, especially since I usually run at least 2 engines for my power and only just discovered in my latest map's setup that the engines don't have to cool down or build heat again if they stop due to lack of fuel, they'll just stay primed at 510c until you give them more so I'd prefer to avoid having to manually shut them off and turn them back on whenever my cube runs low. Edit: slight annoyance with the UEC. 1. I have to dismantle and replace it on reloading the game because it bugs out and stops taking MJ, and 2. Because it loses energy on the conversion, I have to be very careful to avoid letting my red pipe power empty power back into it, otherwise it'll drain faster than 2 fuel-running engines can output into it running through the pipes in a feedback loop.
  9. I would kind of hope the bonemeal thing was intentional, because with white flowers being a thing you can grow and bonemeal (and currently it doesn't even use up the bonemeal at all) to make exponentially more bonemeal for free, the crop system is already imbalanced to an Equivalent Exchange 2 degree.
  10. Yes. 2 cobblestone with a transmutation stone gives you 2 basalt cobble, which can be transmuted again 1:1 with marble and back again. Redpower basalt was 6 cobble per 1 basalt, and you couldn't transmute marble and basalt into eachother.
  11. 1. Modular Powersuits is the best fucking thing ever. Its a perfect example of capturing the spirit of IC2 but doing it better. Especially the newer versions with stuff like the ability to build in apiarist armor, the launchable decorative lights (though I do wish they would adjust those so they were more... opaque? So that they don't obscure the entire block they take up) and the omniwrench. Only thing that would make it better is if the multitool included a Forestry scoop. 2. Try to post with actual contributive content instead of just randomly typing out whatever idle thought crosses your mind. [/backseat mod]
  12. Opinion time! 1. People love(d) IC2 because it was straightforward, had a clear sense of progression, didn't require a large variety of materials to build stuff, and was a core piece of the modpacks it came with. 2. Myself included, I think there's a lot of hesitation to adopt these new mods because the information on how to use them is so much sketchier than older mods like Forestry or IC2 that have proper, useful wikis for them, rather than the patchy mess of stubs that things like Galacticraft have, not to mention many of the mods having a much higher barrier of entry than the old, simple mods did. 2B. Expanding on that point, you'll notice a lot of people are quite eager to adopt stuff like Dimensional Doors and the new pressure plates, because they're simple, straightforwards, and the documentation on how to do stuff with them is easy to find and complete. Additional bit: There'd also be a lot less pushback against getting rid of IC2 if there was more "Its okay, look at all the cool new stuff you can do with the replacement mods!" and less "OMG STFU YOU FUCKING IDIOT GET THE FUCK OUT WAUG WAUG"
  13. 1. As people have suggested, try looking into your inventory tweaks settings. 2. Machines and stuff that aren't compatible with inventory tweaks aren't compatible with inventory tweaks, aka, they wont work. This includes stuff like the project tables, forestry equipment, and possibly the reinforced chests (I haven't bothered with them because they seem pointless to me)
  14. You can still shift and left click on an item to mass move all items of that type, yes. No dragging required. Some mods aren't compatible with inventory tweaks, though, eg, you can't use those shortcuts when working with the new project tables, or anything with forestry.
  15. Additional oddness with metal berry phantom objects; they bounce on microblocks. Its like the floor of my metal berry bush room is covered in flubber.
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