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  1. The thing is, that I'm not farming these crops to make more obsidian, coal, glowstone, etc,. I'm farming them for the essence so I can make the essence bricks. I can automate farming of everything else, why not for the essences so I can make more bricks? Also, the soulstones mod is in Big Dig, you just have to know how to make them.
  2. Again, try changing your graphics settings to Fast. The crash that you're receiving is about entity rendering, and using Google-fu I found that the Tessellator thingee has to do with transparency. I had the same issue and the graphics change made mine work perfectly fine.
  3. It's been a while since you last updated. I hope you haven't decided to give it up, your LP has been a great help to me with Tekkit and Big Dig!
  4. I had a problem in SSP with liquiducts crashing my client, similar crash report to yours too, which I fixed by changing my graphics settings to fast rather than fancy. It might look slightly uglier while playing, but at least you'll be able to use liquiducts.
  5. I decided to set up a farm using the Magical Crops, and being the lazy sod that I am, got sick of having to go harvest it all myself, so I decided to automate it with some MFR machines. As it turns out, that without changing any config the harvester will only harvest one, obsidian, of the 10, lapis, redstone, diamond, experience, glowstone, emerald, ender, gold, coal, different magical crops that I have planted, and it ignores the rest. Also just tried throwing the seeds into the planters I have, also only plants obsidian seeds. Is there any way I can fix this via config files, or is thi
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