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  1. For anyone looking for the same, I went for ftb resurrection. Though Im leaning towards a gregtech forced adventure mode custom pack. Resurrection is still a little on the easy side. Thermal expansion, minefactory reloaded and thaumcraft take most of the hard grind out of it.
  2. I really enjoyed mindcrack and unhinged. Im looking for an up to date "harder than usual" type pack that has active servers available.
  3. Use slime embiggening syringes on a slime until it is the absolutely massive kind. Use that in an autospawner/mob grinder. It produces well in excess the amount of mob essence that it uses.
  4. Hey guys. Whenever a chunk containing an energy cube unloads. Once reloaded, the cube is drained, and doesnt accept power until it has been broken and replaced. Is there any way to fix this or get around it?
  5. Well after some testing, the teleporters are not private. I suppose you could thow one together so someone could tp to you quickly, but you cant leave it setup or anyone could tp to you. Surrounding the teleporter with laser turrets kills anyone in full power armour in seconds though, but not faster than it would take them launch a rocket. So yes useless for a permanent fixture. Command blocks would be cheating lol.
  6. Just a quick question. Are teleporters frequencies owner only? Say mine was set to 0001, and someone else set theres to 0001, would they connect to my teleporter? Meaning that teleporters are useless in smp voltz, as someone could just sit and go through all possible combinations to get your frequency.
  7. To be fair, nobody was aware of x-crafters until several members invaded and began spamming profanities over the cross server chat. The owner of x-crafters has a copy of the server logs and has already apologised for the actions of a select group of his members. Nobody would have been muted for something as insignificant as disagreeing with a name similarity. Remember, children play this game as well, and there is no need for them to be subject to such an environment.
  8. Has anyone else sat and played the adventure game on the computer?
  9. I found some in chests, they also drop from breaking the legend grass stuff.
  10. Bigdig has them both in and more, so no need to go mixing things up, just change pack :)
  11. Rofl, no way would I be stood that close.
  12. Have you set it so that you can pick manually from a list, or is it set to always use the latest build? That is probably the issue.
  13. Cofh core is responsible for ore spawn rates I believe. The book is from tinkers construct.
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