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  1. Yeah, on launcher 325 now. Seemed to fix it.
  2. Yeah, I also attempted that. Deleted the entire technic folder and started over. This didn't change anything.
  3. Launcher Version: 297 Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit Java Version: JRE 7u45 64 bit Antivirus Program: ESET Smart Security Description of Problem: When I attempt to run any modpack, Minecraft does not launch. The launcher successfully downloads all files, but nothing happens upon completion. I have tried disabling antivirus and running as administrator, but this has no effect. I'm also unable to run any of the packs using the .jar files themselves, and I get the error message A Java Exception has occured. Error Messages: None Error Log: 2013/10/28 22:55:11 [iNFO] ------------------------------------------ 2013/10/28 22:55:11 [iNFO] Technic Launcher is starting.... 2013/10/28 22:55:11 [iNFO] Launcher Build: 297 2013/10/28 22:55:11 [iNFO] ------------ Startup Parameters ------------ 2013/10/28 22:55:11 [iNFO] --------- End of Startup Parameters --------- 2013/10/28 22:55:12 [iNFO] Analytics Response [runLauncher]: 200 2013/10/28 22:55:12 [iNFO] Loaded face 2013/10/28 22:55:14 [iNFO] Starting download of http://skins.technicpack.net/helm/cwarnerj/100, with 3 tries remaining 2013/10/28 22:55:14 [iNFO] Launcher took: 3025ms to start 2013/10/28 22:55:19 [iNFO] Valid: 2013/10/28 22:55:20 [iNFO] Analytics Response [installModpack]: 200 2013/10/28 22:55:20 [WARNING] File version.json not found in C:\Users\Praxis\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\bigdig\bin\modpack.jar 2013/10/28 22:55:20 [sEVERE] Unhandled Exception in Thread[installThread,6,main] com.google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was STRING at line 1 column 1 at com.google.gson.internal.bind.ReflectiveTypeAdapterFactory$Adapter.read(ReflectiveTypeAdapterFactory.java:176) at com.google.gson.Gson.fromJson(Gson.java:803) at com.google.gson.Gson.fromJson(Gson.java:768) at com.google.gson.Gson.fromJson(Gson.java:717) at com.google.gson.Gson.fromJson(Gson.java:689) at net.technicpack.launchercore.install.ModpackInstaller.getMinecraftVersion(ModpackInstaller.java:180) at net.technicpack.launchercore.install.ModpackInstaller.installPack(ModpackInstaller.java:79) at org.spoutcraft.launcher.InstallThread.run(InstallThread.java:50) Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was STRING at line 1 column 1 at com.google.gson.stream.JsonReader.beginObject(JsonReader.java:374) at com.google.gson.internal.bind.ReflectiveTypeAdapterFactory$Adapter.read(ReflectiveTypeAdapterFactory.java:165) ... 7 more
  4. This is not nearly enough information. Try harder.
  5. Also, just to mention, it did seem to be working in 1.3.5 I believe, but broke after the rapid series of updates.
  6. Okay, the gauntlet is visible in third person mode, just not in first person. I'm running Java 7 Update 21 64 bit for Windows 7 64bit, and I am running the latest Geforce 560m drivers. edit: Also, I have allocated 2gb ram through the launcher and increased perm size.
  7. Yes, I gave myself one, selected and unselected it a few times, and then quit.
  8. Okay, I did exactly that. Log file ended up being 721kb even when generating a fresh one, so I had to find a pastebin alternative. This is the client log. http://tny.cz/df773ecf
  9. Both of these files are around 600k, even when deleted and allowed to regenerate, too big for a pastebin paste. Is there a way I can clean these up for just relevant information?
  10. Sorry, I should have provided more information. This problem occurs in both single player and on a server. The server is mine. Additions to my server include thaumcraft 3, MCPC & worldedit. Additions to both single and smp include optifine 1.5.2. To verify these were not having influence, I just deleted my entire .bigdig folder and allowed a new download from scratch, and the problem still occurs in singleplayer.
  11. I'm loving the new version so far! The main problem I seem to be running into is the power gauntlet is invisible. Does anyone know of any fixes for this issue? It seems to be pretty common.
  12. I'm getting invisible power gauntlet, and am unable to spawn any items with NEI from modular power suits on the server with the error "no such item". I seem to be able to spawn the items in single player however.
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