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  1. The server Reset is complete and the server is up for play. We will iron out the bugs over the next few days.
  2. Ok I reset your player Data, hopefully that does the trick. I am terribly sorry about this mess.
  3. >.< We have un-banned everyone banned by 'hardcore mode'. No, we havn't lost our minds and the server certainly isn't hardcore mode. Somehow the server difficulty wound up on 'easy' but in Hardcore mode. It's now properly in Survival on 'Hard' setting. Please come back!
  4. The server was down for abit to address an issue with better dungeons and the twilight conflicting. The Twilight has been reset and the server is up and running well.
  5. @Psycofish (and Ffresshl) Actually, You were banned as a pair for the sheer level of drama-mongering resulting from theft, exploitation, unfair gameplay and my favorite, constant vulgarity and bigotry. You as a pair, brought nothing good to the server, and a great deal of unpleasantness. I personally, prefer to have a server free of that sort of thing, where people can enjoy their gaming experience. Thank you.
  6. Hey MDragon, the dungeon-world as accessible through a portal at spawn, is completely wiped and respawned on a weekly basis. The over-world is left as is. Twilight is reset once-a-month. ( As that is a far bigger pain in the arse to reset.) @Loudwhisper. It logs you out as a glitch with Asgard shields. It's trying to use a shield that is in your inventory but not on your hotbar. The simple solution is to put the shield on your hotbar or in a backpack so it's no longer trying to use it from an inappropriate spot.
  7. Ren had to modify the pack slightly for stability but things are running awesome smooth now. The admin shops are up and the economy is rolling!
  8. I updated a few signs in the shop and corrected a few missing ones. Rebooted this morning after another infamous Spectral Enderman crash. ( man I hate those things). The server is up and running beautifully this afternoon.
  9. This is a fantastic Modpack! I have been really pleased at how well everything is running together. The variety from tech to agriculture in this pack is just mind-blowing.
  10. Hey guys is this server still up and active? When I tried to add the patch to the launcher it gave me an error that said contact the modpack administrator.
  11. Hey, TheForestHermit! This is Cody with Horizon. I just wanted to let you know that we plan on opening in a few hours! So if you're still interested feel free to check us out at hexxit.bxbservers.com and our website at bxbservers.com!

  12. OK! We should be fixed and good to go, Come back anytime. So Sorry about that. Sometimes Hexxit is such a whiney little B of a pack to run on a server. Spectral Enderman are by far the biggest pain in the ass to date, with glitching boomerangs being a close second.
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