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  1. Lurking, lurking all the time

  2. Between school and school applications and online courses and Dota, I haven't had much time...
  3. Um, ysharma? I don't think you really need to have an application that long. It seems like overkill. Iunno if I have any say towards anything anymore, but just think about that. EDIT: I'm in the market for a domain. Say the word and I'll start hosting this. EDIT EDIT: And some forums as well.
  4. Alright. Hi. I'm back. I don't think I'll have enough time to admin/modpack/host/do anything, as I've been applying for private schools, and that takes a lot. Getting the original people back would probably be hard, because lukeb28.
  5. So, recently, my graphics card died. Ever since, the computer will occasionally freeze up while playing a game, be it dota or minecraft. Now, this isn't any freeze. Artifacts will appear on the screen, and random noise will play through the speakers. I originally attributed this to my integrated graphics, and since I was going to buy it anyway, I bought myself a xfx radeon 6670. However, nothing has changed. I can verify it is not overheating, because it happens even when I blow a house fan into the computer. I replaced the PSU, and the graphics, and this was even happening when I had a differ
  6. Perfect. That's approx. my skill too. :P
  7. That's good. By pugs, do you mean pubs? This is a pug group for avoiding pubs .
  8. Not really, although I'd be happy to teach you a little more. Or point you to some good guides.
  9. Alright, recently I've gotten into Dota, insanely fun game and all that. After learning all the mechanics, I thought to myself "Why don't players of my matchmaking level do x/buy y/choose z?" This is because most people do not bother to check out most of the mechanics of this game. I figure others are in a similar situation where they aren't good enough for traditional pug groups, but are fed up with matchmaking. That's why I created this group. This isn't for people that are amazing at the game, or know nothing. This is for people at a low to average skill level. In the steam group, you w
  10. I guess I'll be first. After 3 quarters of a year. Don't be critical. I can't do art. EDIT: Constructive criticism is fine, however.
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