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  1. Lurking, lurking all the time

  2. Between school and school applications and online courses and Dota, I haven't had much time...
  3. Um, ysharma? I don't think you really need to have an application that long. It seems like overkill. Iunno if I have any say towards anything anymore, but just think about that. EDIT: I'm in the market for a domain. Say the word and I'll start hosting this. EDIT EDIT: And some forums as well.
  4. Alright. Hi. I'm back. I don't think I'll have enough time to admin/modpack/host/do anything, as I've been applying for private schools, and that takes a lot. Getting the original people back would probably be hard, because lukeb28.
  5. So, recently, my graphics card died. Ever since, the computer will occasionally freeze up while playing a game, be it dota or minecraft. Now, this isn't any freeze. Artifacts will appear on the screen, and random noise will play through the speakers. I originally attributed this to my integrated graphics, and since I was going to buy it anyway, I bought myself a xfx radeon 6670. However, nothing has changed. I can verify it is not overheating, because it happens even when I blow a house fan into the computer. I replaced the PSU, and the graphics, and this was even happening when I had a different CPU and mobo. Does anyone know a way to fix this? I can provide a video if necessary.
  6. Perfect. That's approx. my skill too. :P
  7. That's good. By pugs, do you mean pubs? This is a pug group for avoiding pubs .
  8. Not really, although I'd be happy to teach you a little more. Or point you to some good guides.
  9. Alright, recently I've gotten into Dota, insanely fun game and all that. After learning all the mechanics, I thought to myself "Why don't players of my matchmaking level do x/buy y/choose z?" This is because most people do not bother to check out most of the mechanics of this game. I figure others are in a similar situation where they aren't good enough for traditional pug groups, but are fed up with matchmaking. That's why I created this group. This isn't for people that are amazing at the game, or know nothing. This is for people at a low to average skill level. In the steam group, you will be able to organize matches, and I will organize matches myself once in a while. There are a few rules defined in the steam group, but they aren't too restrictive. The steam group is located here: http://www.steamcommunity.com/groups/d2usng/ Have fun, and invite your friends!
  10. I guess I'll be first. After 3 quarters of a year. Don't be critical. I can't do art. EDIT: Constructive criticism is fine, however.
  11. I have said this once, I will say it again. At this point, it's out of my hands. Should be fixed somewhat soon, though.
  12. Sharma, just as an FYI, player API. DOES NOT WORK with xycraft. Thank you very much. Oh, and to otaku, please don't act so entitled, I run/ran/am trying to run this using my free time. I apologize if it's not perfect, or I can't access the domain listings. At this point it's out of my hands.
  13. Sure. Everyone add me. EDIT: I added everybody. GET ONLINE PEOPLE.
  14. I can do any time over the weekend, period. Except Saturday. And Sunday morning.
  15. Built in voice chat works fine. I really don't want to take my chances with a random.
  16. I'm in for the whole thing as well, props to lesothos for selling them for less than market price. Still need one more person.
  17. Thank you! I'm assuming you want the milkman+stranges. Trade me tomorrow afternoon.
  18. I'll give a milkman to anyone who can get me 2 more tickets. Edit: and a strange spy cicle. And shortstop.
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