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  1. Done. Drew create a thread and email it to me and I will adjust it. Otaku Ysharma is pming you the config stuff right now.
  2. Ysharma has a ton of work today. server will remain down today. He'll try again on thursday. Client side still works, learn the new mods in ssp! We have realized the server was so unstable, because many item ids were being overwritten, but the server was starting anyways. Ysharma is rewriting EVERY SINGLE item id so the id's will be consecutive, making adding new mods easy, and allowing item id conflicts to be easier to resolve.
  3. Server Address: tbr.g.akliz.net| Forum Whitelist Applications: Click on me to apply Welcome Newcomers! The Technic Battles Redux is an old server that started out as a normal tekkit server. We have a small, but incredibly tight knit community. Our history is long and many events have occurred on our server. The main idea of our server is that it is a company/factions/Yogscast style server. However we engage in corporate espionage, wars and many other things. You can join a company, or create your own. The companies in existence at the moment are listed below.
  4. Lets make an account for TBR on these forums and platform, that way if I have to update the OP or mac version I don't have to wait for you good idea.
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