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  1. Now that even SSP is hosted on a local server, does the Nether stay loaded when you aren't in it?
  2. TBH, I never trusted iron chests in the first place...
  3. The advertisers pay to have ads displayed on the website, they don't pay Kaker & Co. to make users to click on them. >_>
  4. Was it that Java/FML bug where it wouldn't run Tekkit Lite and Voltz on an iMac?
  5. Well, FTB does something like this. When you close the game, it relaunches the FTB Launcher automatically. There's no button though.
  6. Exactly. Plus, are they males/females/other? Like honestly, whiskers on the chin, but a bow in the hair? :/
  7. The rest of us turn into anti-ninjas and set out on a crusade to kill you. I wish I had a TF2-style sentry gun.
  8. Why would you throw them?! They look like they would give you cancer or something.
  9. You fall asleep and when you wake up your spaceship is lost forever in the voids of space, never to be seen or heard of again. EDIT: Well, that was an awkward ninja... @kocken: Due to the fact that the amount of proper spelling and grammar on the internet is set at a specific ratio, the amount of correct spelling rapidly declines, until nothing is comprehensible.
  10. Look, you fit right in. By the way, I never knew the names of those pink things with the big noses. :/
  11. The echidna decides to stab all your family members with its spines and is sent to jail for the rest of its life. I wish we could record our dreams and save them to watch later.
  12. The problem with this is, how does OP know if you guys aren't five year olds or eighty year old pedophiles?
  13. And no wishes you shall get... I wish I had a purple kiwi as a friend...
  14. Your humor makes everyone around you laugh to death. Many people die. I wish I had a Babel Fish.
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