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  1. Well originally I wanted to see what Tekkit Lite was all about, then I noticed the usual funny old threads so I thought I'd join in. Anyway had my fun now. I guess this is where some clever bastard says "don't hit the door on the way out".. oh you jokers.
  2. You're such an ass. You just want to make me cry and put it youtube and its working :(
  3. It simply doesn't. I'm not saying people get banned for shits and giggles, I'm saying they get provoked until they commit ban worthy offense then they get banned. Which is one of the most cruel and pointless things I have ever seen a moderator do on any forums. You guys are even trying to do it to me right now! Difference for me is I no longer play this game, so I don't have anything to lose by not being helped by you guys (in fact I only came back to see if things had changed.) You guys really are just cruel; childish jeering and patronisation is just annoying. And whats even worse is when you assume someone is stupid because you assume their problem is simple so you assume the stupid needs to be mocked out of them, or they need to be mocked out of the forums. At the end of the day all people want to do is play the game, and the attitude here is: if you're "stupid", (I'm guessing this means if you don't know how to configure your ports, or you don't under stand the concept of fps lag vs net lag etc.) then you don't belong here. I simply find the idea of giving shitty customer service because its free and people should just be grateful perplexing. Thats the sort of patronising and provokingly, and not to mention, pointless talk I am referring to. I love how your inciting behaviour isn't working on me so you have to put words in my mouth. I never mentioned Stalin once, let alone saying "you are literally worse than Stalin." LMAO... pathetic.
  4. Yes! No one even seems to try to deny it. Oh well. @lukeb28, of all the posts I've seen, yours is the least useful and most annoying, gratz!
  5. Honestly I'm not looking for a solution, I understand whatever the problem is, its something to do with my PC, although it seems to randomly effect people no matter how good their PC is. I may have inadvertently solved it since the problem but its too much effort to find out. I seem to remember reading something about NT which could be a cause, anyway nevermind all that.
  6. Yeah my computer is pretty shit, but I ran the game fine for 2 months and then the problem started, I think prolo is pretty close but I'm not really looking for a solution, because I think if there was one it would be common knowledge right now. The problem with the bug is, because it causes lag, people just assume you can't run it when that is not the case. The lag is more like intermittent, and it randomly starts and stops, its so difficult to explain but I see a few people have it. Jay, do you have to be so blunt? Can you not understand why people would find that frustrating?
  7. Thats not a quote to put on the front page Jay. lol
  8. Now you're trying to antagonise me. Edit: Thanks for proving my point.
  9. You can't mock the stupid out of people, and people make stupid threads because they don't understand or are annoyed with the product, not because they are stupid IRL. And when you mock them it all goes down hill and every one looks bad. Whats that quote about arguing with fools? "Don't argue with a fool because they'll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."
  10. Its not a good situation if people are specifically being childish because they aren't getting payed if thats your implication. Ever since I played Tekkit I've thought it would work a lot better if people working on it got paid and therefor were motivated to maybe treat the users just a little bit nicer.
  11. He didn't understand, he wanted to be patronised and hes probably fuming right now because he wasn't. Anyway never mind this thread.
  12. My point is, in that thread, the moderators response provoked him to react angrily.
  13. Wow, you do realise I'm saying they should make a profit? Its a positive thing, still you want to argue with me about jumping to conclusions? If I made something for free and someone said it looks professional I wouldn't take that as an insult. How can something be "too professional" and when did I say the professionalism was a bad thing? When could it ever be in any situation? I don't even know what alblaka is and the only problem I have with Technic is the bullying forum moderators.
  14. The thread I was referring to btw was one I just read, some guys kids came here to complain about donators on some random server. I wanted to reply explaining (as he obviously didn't understand teh internetz) that he could get his own server for 6 pounds a month, but I couldn't cos the thread was locked and he was banned (for what I can't see). So what happened in that thread was: old guy starts silly thread, talks in a negative way about tekkit. First reply, angry and defensive (someone even said it was a bit much). Anyway after that first reply it all went down hill with everyone jumping in and having a pop, until eventually he gets angry then ban and thread lock. When it could have been so much more simple, the guy was obviously frustrated as anyone would be but no one could appreciate this an sympathise, instead just bully him. I came back to these forums to see if anything has changed and it really hasn't, its still even the same people trolling and antagonising.
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