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  1. Hope I'm not reviving the post, i've made some changes to the program so it will not overload the *cof*free*cof* web server and will not crash it every hour, also im gonna be working on this project this month so i hope to bring you a really better system than this (its pretty weird i know). Ive been testing for about an hour and it don't seem to be throubling by the moment so feel free to test it, hopefully i can implement cookies (or something similar) tomorrow so you dont have to be writting and writting that key code (sorry for that but im very tired and tomorrow i go to work and school) H
  2. Just got to set a node.js running server, tomorrow i'll be coding to link computercraft, a db and a web client. hope i can finish all in my few free time
  3. It should be the server... main problem of free services
  4. Actually yes, most mc hosts offer php+mysql hosting in their packages, and by now im using php+mysql due to the fact that im pretty new on node.js coding and git repositories, but im gonna try hard to take this project forward Edit: Maybe when i can set up my openshift account or my cloudnode account got aproved ill rewrite the whole server to node.js
  5. New link, http://gamersparadise.host22.com/minecraft/computercraft/ hope this host can spport this until i find one better (or when i get started on node.js)
  6. It seems that the server has a limit of cpu tha i can use, im gonna search another one and see what can i do Im so sorry guys
  7. I've released an alpha/indev (warning: noob at the keyboard) of the program/app (whatever you want to call it) the instructions are in the main post, I welcome your reviews, suggestions, or comments
  8. its gonna be in the first post of the thread the beta/alpha/indev (whatever) of the program, and ill post every update on this thread too
  9. In 1.2.5 ccsensors there was a way to check players positions, i dont know if the newer version of this mod have that, but if it has it you could connect a command block to a computer and tp a player to the surface when he reach certain layer... i know its just an idea and not a solution, but its a start... im gona check if theres a recent cc plugin that can scan players globally
  10. Personally, if you're running your server in a low specs machine (or host) y recommend you to use a simple forge server, thats because mcpc+ is like forge+bukkit, and bukkit uses more ram, and the more the plugins the more the ram... you can find some mods that copy bukkit plugins functionality
  11. Actualy, the main idea was born when creating a HUD for a computer controlled reactor array so, one of the main concepts that i want to introduce in the program is the capability of toggling the state of one (or many) reactors BTW i could be releasing a beta at the end of the week, but it will only support the abiity to see the actual storage, and a few list of mods iron chests, better storage and maybe anothers)
  12. From the webside Im using just a script to "decode" a json into a table, but the idea is to have jquery menus to nav, on the other hand, to send all the info to the web, im using a very very basic node server, but i hope i can found a free node server on the web, otherwise i will need to change to php+mysql or something like that
  13. Current version: 0.0.1-InDev MUST TO READ Very important note This program is dependendant on OpenPeripherals so you might want to install that mod or ask to your server admin to add to the server modpack sorry for the inconvenient Some days ago i posted an idea on this forum (http://www.computerc...post__p__178043) (if you dont want to see the post maybe you want to see this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW0LUueZVdM) Tonight (00:07 here) im releasing the first dev version of this idea and citing some of what i said, this program its mainly focused for smp servers but if you want
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