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  1. I am still here and yes I also look forward to this new server. I can donate if needed.
  2. Hello old friend it has been awhile. How are you doing with turtilism?

  3. I don't think that my computer could handle it so I will have to say no on my end. If I had a better computer then yes, but that will not be done for a while. Sorry
  4. Well I will have more time now that I have graduated from college to play rather than study. My time really opened up.
  5. I can only be on at 7:00 pm Central US time and not everyday. I am just very busy. I will try to get on when I can.
  6. It will only take time to rebuild Quantum to its former glory, but I also have no time to spare to rebuild it. Just wait three months than it will be back.
  7. I try but I have become very busy with my internship and classes. For 2 more months I will be off for most of the time. Then I will be graduated and have my life back again hopefully.
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