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  1. I see that technic is still plagued by the relentless spam bots, even though its been nearly a year now
  2. speaking of pokemon go, there is a squirtle that is looking at me through my bedroom window on the other side of the street. at 1 in the morning.
  3. actually i havent made a gun in over a year. just been hanging around being useless as i generally do lol
  4. i've never really lost interest in roblox, thats where i still spend a good bit of my time. got myself a nice group now
  5. my dear god this is still going? howdy everyone it is i, the one, the only, richs_yard, fomentor of rebellion, whale box contributor, greatest commander of the teckertons. i remember stumbling upon kitty jail 3 years ago. good times. sadly time has passed. since i'll be turning 18 within a couple of weeks, i thought i would swing by and check up on a few old friends that were part of my "intelligent phase" as a kid. how is everyone
  6. well it was a solid 100 cm and i was inside soooo
  7. i finally made it onto my schools instagram it was this event where you were measuring people, and i was partnered with someone half my size, and i was doing the whole "flat ruler on the head" trick for a good measurement, which involved both of my hands. i had nowhere else to put my yard stick, so i had it betwixt my legs, while i was bent over and measuring my partner. needless to say, my glory ended after a few hours following me commenting "dont look at my yardstick please"
  8. i checked my skype half way through the video
  9. ol omaorb has a habit of being online at night a lot, so he could also lend a hand easily.
  10. wow technic must have really hurt someones feelings for them to register new accounts everyday just to spam the forums. kinda sad of the guy, really.
  11. I'm kinda privacy conscious i have disposible emailsĀ 

  12. sorry neo! if i knew they WERENT supposed to be there i wouldnt have said a thing to save you the trouble!
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