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    I like Mewtwo. I never knew no one ever used the username mewtwo before! I like a lot of other stuff. I can't tell. Because there is just too many.
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    My current facebook is Andy Savka, I am extremely active. You can request me though. I accept everybody.
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    My twitter username is DreamboyXD. I come on about couple times a day.
  1. I was just wondering what time you joined minecraft. I joined in around July 2012. I didn't really joined. My friend Richie quit minecraft and gave his account: richie8909mia.
  2. It works for me too: @ValkonX11, I like that structure
  3. I am Mewtwo the Legendary Pokémon.

  4. I think Tekkit is very good. I like Tekkit Classic more because the block design look sick!
  5. So yeah. i just joined. I just want to introduce myself. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I couldn't find an Introduce Yourself forum So yeah. I was born 6-11-03. I will be turning 11 soon. I am in 5th grade. I am a boy. I have blonde hair. I have hazel eyes. I have a gold necklace. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. There names are: Robert (18) David (14) Hannah (13) Me (10) I have a relationship with a girl named Madison. I like to play Pokémon. I suck at reading. I rock at math though. So yeah that is all about me! Why not you Introduce Yourself in
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