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  1. I've been looking into big reactors and must admit they are far better than the ic2 ones. I'm also liking rf as the replacement for electricity. Really the last thing bugging me now Is that I'm literally throwing out good material from my quarry instead of recycling it. I know ee2 was overpowered but a little bit of willpower goes a long way and I only ever used it to convert all my useless items into stuff I needed then and there. That's all I really want out of EE is some kind of material recycling.
  2. Do these things work together? Are machines creatable? Whats the purpose of a reactor without anything to be powered or large battery arrays? Is there something cool to Galacticraft that Im missing? as far as I can tell its just a new "space" biome with nothing fun in it. "Broken and Usable" sounds a LOT better than "no content unusable garbage" to me...
  3. So does anyone here actually play Tekkit? If so, why? Tekkit Classic is still my go-to.. I want electricity, I want building things, I like making a power grid [that doesnt rely on those FUGLY buildcraft pipes] and nuclear reactors.. the idea of actually industrializing my Minecraft world, removing nature, harvesting solar power and geothermal energy... why is all of this stuff missing from the "new and improved" tekkit? I mean, even the Equivalent Exchange mod is just broken and unusable in the new pack.. it might as well not even be a part of the modpack.