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  1. I understand your predicament, and hope that you get this resolved as you are planning to. But you should really start doing proper announcements when you are planning big things like a forum software change. I know that your communication is spread across a number of channels, much of which are so-called social media. Being an old-fashioned guy, I would vastly prefer if you could get (back?) into the habit of using your website to publish relevant news items. For many people over the age of 30 (and some below that), an official website is still the main, and sometimes only source we scan for
  2. After all the forum troubles, I guess it is fair that I at least drop this notice, in case anybody has been wondering where I was. Ever since the Technic team dropped this unannounced and poorly managed forum software change on us, I have been unable to post. It turns out that with my browser of choice, the new software fails to open any edit boxes. I would rather stop using the Internet than stop using my browser of choice, so this is not acceptable for me. I have little hope that anybody is willing to fix this mess, because my browser of choice is Presto-Opera (12.14, without the bugs introd
  3. Of course only the batch file will work when you are on Windows. If you are running the server on Java 8, you still need to add the Legacy Java Fixer to the mods directory. If your problems persist after you have done that, please take it to the tracker, where it belongs.
  4. No, not the launcher. The launcher is client-side and responsible for getting the actual game ready for joining players. The server has a launch script: launch.sh for Unix/Linux/MacOS and launch.bat for Windows. If you fail to use the script and just start the server by executing one of the JAR files, it won't run properly. You need to run the script, either from a command line or from a properly designed desktop link that calls it.
  5. You do not need to supply the IP to the server. It is only needed for the client to locate the server - note that when using Hamachi, you need to use the Hamachi IP of the server. If you don't have mod ores, you likely failed to use the launch script and managed to start a vanilla server. Always use the launch script - and keep in mind that your now-generated world won't have any modded content in the chunks that were already generated. So maybe restart from scratch. If you require further aid, please take it to the tracker.
  6. I am by far no expert on ME networks, but I think the Encoded Patterns are useful with Interfaces to make an external machine available to the network as an on-demand processing device. The Patterns can also be used in the Molecular Assembler for (non-machine) crafting automation. The Im-/Export Buses on the other hand are just to get items into and out of the ME network, with the different levels (regular, precise, fuzzy) offering increasing degrees of control over how they operate. You can of course use Im-/Export Buses to construct some kind of assembly line, but bear in mind that the on-de
  7. Your workaround with buffer chests is indeed the only working solution to bridge them, iirc. Keep in mind that these are from separate mods, and interaction is not that good at least in the old build that Tekkit is still running on. Also, ducts generally tend to connect only to inventories, and are usually not inventories themselves = can't connect to each other (hence buffer inventories, like chests). The best way to hook up processing to your ME network is using ME Buses extensively, i.e. on each and any interface. That means hooking up all possible in-/outputs on TE machines ideally. I thin
  8. A Peaceful Table will also generate Blizz Rods eventually when placed in a Taiga biome and supplied with enough weapons (Redstone Arsenal swords work fine for this). But it will take a long time until you get any significant amount, because the spawn rate is so low. To this day, I have never seen a Blizz in a Taiga biome. I only ever met them in Ice Plains (where even the trees are made of ice blocks). And I only ever found those inside Mystcraft Ages. The hint about the MFR Auto Spawner is good, but you do have to find that one specimen.
  9. Simple: It is not done at all. Atomic Science is an old, derelict mod that only still exists in Tekkit because Tekkit itself is old and derelict. I never used AS Dark Matter myself, so I can't help you with this particular issue. As for pipe systems, maybe try Item Transfer Nodes from Extra Utilities. If those can't catch it, probably nothing will. And make sure to check if a simple buffer chest can help you, i.e. dropping the items in a chest and putting an Import Bus on that chest.
  10. About the Intel graphics, modded Minecraft should at least run decently on those chips. I tried it once and while it was not great, it ran smoothly with settings toned down. What the OP describes cannot be attributed to anaemic Intel graphics alone.
  11. I think the rarity of Blizzes is a bug. I only ever encountered them in exotic ice biomes that do not generate in the Overworld, but (rarely) in certain Mystcraft Ages. As Gomo said, the standard way (and possibly the only way in this version) is infusing Snowballs with Destabilized Redstone. You need a Magma Crucible to melt the Redstone and a Fluid Transposer to apply it to the Snowballs.
  12. You can get Shiny from Mekanism processing, but it may be necessary to also have the compatibility mod Another One Bites The Dust (AOBD), and it only works on ores. The byproduct logic is exclusive to Thermal Expansion and its Pulverizer and Induction Smelter. Which work nicely and with upgrades in TE4, by the way. I have the full Mekanism quintupling chain in my (1.7.10-based, non-Tekkit) base and it works for Shiny, although it is called Platinum in most intermediary processing stages. You do need to find Platinum Ore, which at least should be available as Nether Platinum Ore. You will g
  13. Optifine may still help some people for some reason, but most of the time it will break more than it fixes. If you try it, be prepared to remove it again if the game starts acting strangely or crashing. I much rather recommend Fastcraft.
  14. This log fragment indeed looks like a promising lead. Unfortunately, I have no idea what may be causing this. Standard cause for fps drops and lag in singelplayer is usually security software (Anti-Virus and such) holding Tekkit files hostage or constantly re-checking them. You might also have an unfavourable graphics driver setting, so maybe check with default settings. Apart from that, you are supposed to take all issues to the tracker. But I honestly can't say if anybody following it will be able to help you.
  15. Please take all issues to the tracker. Judging from the funky effects you experience, your computer is probably infested with gremlins. Or smurfs. But we shall still see what can be done if you >give us a chance.
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