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  1. Hi everyone, been ages since I roamed here, but i'm nipping in to ask if there's any News or Plans for a Minecraft W10 Edition version of Tekkit? Many thanks for your time.
  2. Ok, this is damn scary... I built a Fuel Unloader recently & was test-hooking it up to a Rocket on the Launch Pad & both the Fuel Unloader & the Rocket (the one built with 3 Chests along with it) started out completely empty of everything, including Fuel & Power. I was checking out the FUel Unloader Interface when for no reason at all, my Power Armor Leggings showed up in it... I cl8icked them out & them my Power Armor Boots showed up... I exited the Fuel Loader Interface & opened up my Inventory... then I can't remember well from there, but afterwards as I was clicking around trying to figure out what the hell was going on, stuff was jumping around & moving around on its own into wrong Slots & such, & even somehow my afore-mentioned Power Armor Leggings somehow managed to Duplicate. Something's seriously wrong with the Fuel Unloader Code... My apologies that I can't give an exact description of the events, but it was too screwy & weird for my sorry excuse of a Memory to be able to recall in perfect detail. Many thanks for your time.
  3. Bug found with Galacticraft Rocket that has 50-something Inventory Spaces, the one that is crafted along with 3 Chests: When Placing the Rocket on the Pad, it does not disappear from the Hotbar Space afterwards, thus Duplicating the Rocket. Reproduction Steps: Farm Resources, craft them into Rocket Parts including the 3 Chests for the Inventory, Build NASA Workbench, Craft Rocket, craft Rocket Launch Pads, Place Rocket on Pads, notice a Rocket on the Pad & another Rocket still being in your arms/on your Hotbar at the same time. Hope this helps. Edit: Update: I had my Rocket Pad up against Wall before... I just tried it again with the Pad not having Wall adjacent to it & the Rocket did not Duplicate this time...
  4. Ok, #2 answered... looks like i'm a Mega Derp. lookin like I got Tin Blocks & Tin Decoration Blocks confused with each other somehow. Bleh, Tin Decoration Blocks suck at Aesthetics. :/ Also, tried to check out Steel Blocks then found out to my disappointment that Steel Ingots HAVE no Block form. Negated Moment of Awesome... Still could use help with #3 as i've built up enough Oil supply that i'm getting tempted to build up my Galacticraft Power enough for a Rocket to get started on my future Space Station just to get some Resources (especially all these surplus Tin & Aluminum Blocks) spent to free me up some Inventory Space. It's still gonna suck though if Tin Blocks & Tin Decoration Blocks are the ONLY Options for Space Station building... especially when Tin Decoration Blocks are ugly & stupid in my shamelessly biased opinion... Starting to worry that there's no one here versed in Galacticraft Knowledge, & there's SO much the Galacticraft Wiki isn't helpful with...
  5. Update: Got #1 figured out myself as I was bored while waiting for stuff to process. Turns out Aluminum Wire & Redstone Energy Conduit are compatible with each other & can Interface & transfer power between each other. Would it have killed the Wiki to mention this being possible? :/ (Not to mention the Wiki having entire Items missing from it including but not limited to the Circuit Fabricator...) Could still use help with 2 & 3. Hope i'm not annoying...
  6. 1: I decided to try to get a head start on my Galacticraft stuff, & after looking through the NEI for a bit, it looked like the Circuit Fabricator was the first stepping stone, so I built one. It turned out that it seems to need Galacticraft power, but I can't seem to build Galacticraft power without the Circuit Fabricator... how do I power this thing to get started on the Galacticraft Road...? 2: Tin Blocks that portablize Tin Ingots & Galacticraft Tin Blocks seem to share the exact recipe & i've built a ton of portablize Tin Ingots type Tin Blocks. How do I Craft the Galacticraft Tin Blocks when they seem to share duplicate Recipies? 3: Are Galacticraft Tin Blocks the only block that seal Oxygen in a Space Station, or are there other options for this? I only notice Tin block versions of stuff like Sealable Oxygen pipe & the like in the NEI Recipies... it's gonna be VERY boring if Tin Blocks are the ONLY Space Station Block option... Many thanks for your time. P.S. Screw you Forum for eating the FIRST Thread Start I attempted before... screw you 500 Error!
  7. Many thanks for the help. Was hoping I could avoid needing Snowballs cause they are a pain in the butt to store & farm up & not really worth the power use or time to fridge up with a Glacial Precipitator when my Base is inside a Taiga + River + Desert, but lookin like it'll be the easy way to do this after all compared to looking for Blizzes... though if I ever find a source of Blizzes, i'll craft a Reuseable Safari Ball & nab one for future Cloning then. (Really don't understand why Snowballs can only store in stacks of up to 16 & can't deconstruct Snow Blocks into Snowballs at the same time. *Glares at Notch*)
  8. I've noticed in the NEI that I need Blizz Powder to make Gelid Cryotheum... & it can only be gained from Blizz Rods. NEI won't tell me any way to craft them, so i'm assuming they drop off something. How do I get Blizz Rods? (Short of Freezing the Nether over to chill the Blazes into Blizzes. ;P ) Many thanks for your time.
  9. Ahh, i'm playing Tekkit SP. Also I was talking from the point of view of Overworld Mining. I guess i'm not yet qualified to talk about Nether mining yet. As for Water impairing Sight, hasn't for me in ages. My MPS is equipped with Night Vision. Night Vision sees through the Water with ease when you're above it & looking down through it. 8) (It's also sweet to have in the Nether. ) Edit: Oh, just remembered another tip: Angel Blocks can be your friend, especially when dealing with high elevation or Quarrying over the Ocean. Wouldn't blame any of ya a bit if ya saw the Angel Block in the NEI & thought to yourself "What's the point of that?", but having 1-5 of these dudes can be the best use for Chicken Feathers you'll ever find.
  10. I can confirm that ya can also catch Villagers with the Magic Lasso, just gotta Shift-Right Click them instead of just Right Clicking them. Used this before to fish the stupid blokes outta Sewage/Sludge or the like they stupidly stroll right into before they get their stupid butt killed. (Doesn't help when the game spawns the Sewage Pit right under the Village Church, half wrecking the Church in the process too, I had to pump that Sewage out to get rid of it cause the Villagers were in danger of getting killed by the Sewage every time the poor dudes just wanted to nip into their Church & pray.) I had wondered if Cinnabar had any use, that sounds like an awesome trick for Shiny Metal! Many thanks for that! Can stroll right into my Nether Portal & grab some of that Nether Redstone to do that next play! I haven't yet found any Extreme Hills thus far, but I sure have a LOT of Desert & Ice Land around me. XD (Set for Induction Smelter Sand & ALL the Glass I could ever want forever. ) Edit: Oh, now that I think about it, Quarrying the Nether was one of the big reasons I was working towards my Jetpack. Without flight, trying to Quarry the Nether will be too hard a thing to attempt. Fortunately don't need Flight to get Nether Redstone.
  11. Holy wow, there IS a use for Gelid Cryotheum after all? Sweet! Idea on how to deal with all that Netherrack: Feed it into Magma Crucibles to turn it into Lava, BC Pump the Lava Lakes & the Magma Crucibled Lava into Magmatic Dynamos to turn into Power that will be fed into Resonant Energy Cells. The Single Lava Blocks that are dealt with by the Gelid Cryotheum &/or Buchet of Destabilized Redstone can become Obsidian of course. Why all the fancy schmancy 'curtain shenanigans'? Just place a single bucket early in the Quarrying then it'll spread out over the blocks then the Quarry will mine that Layer then it'll drop itself down & spread out further, then the Quarry will eventually reach that Layer & Mine it then it'll drop down & spread again, & it'll keep going like that till it's spread out over the whole Quarry Hole. No need for many Buckets of the stuff. I built Land Marks ages ago but nothing I did would make them cooperate with my Quarry so I been stuck with its default width this whole time. I'll try your exact directions with it & see if it works & if there was something I didn't know to do that I wasn't somewhere... especially now that I have my first Resonant Energy Cell, default Quarry Size is gonna get a bit obsoletely small... & slow... Many thanks for the tips here. Edit: Wish my Firefox Spell Checker worked on this Forum.
  12. Many thanks for the News Link. I didn't know that existed before. Workin on getting the Jetpack built, runnin into Shiny Metal Dust shortages atm & noticing that Nether Platinum Ore in the Nether seems to be awfully hard to find in addition to Shiny Metal Dust not showing up as a byproduct of Pulverizing Ferrous Ore a fat lot. On the bright side, the Rail Gun has made Endermen Hunting SO much easier, especially useful since I still got 6 Minium Dust left to go to be able to craft my first Minium Stone to start off my EE3 power. Gettin about ready to try to bother Villagers for Emeralds instead & use those, I can Farm up a ton of Wheat & have easy access to Wool so might be less bother. Heck, might even make a big Player Made Village for the buggers then transfer them all to it & have them all in one spot with state of the art lighting & security. (Was planning to do this eventually but starting to get tempting to do it sooner rather then later.)
  13. Oh wow... Just tried looking at all the Batteries & the first 2 tier Batteries weight the same as the Elite Battery, 10kg but a single Elite Battery in my Power Fist gives me all the power I need in one go. I now have a 10kg Power Fist & no longer have any of my Armor Pieces weighing even 20kg now. I run faster & jump higher, but still can't fly with my Rocket Boots on. Still can't figure out if there's some kinda control to fly around that i'm not pressing or something to initiate actual flying around while Rocket Boots are on... on the upside, once I got my MPS Jetpack, those & the Rocket Boots together might give me my flight. Why can't flying with the Jetpack &/or Rocket Boots operate the same way control-wise as the Creative Mode Flight? Would be more intuitive. To my surprise i'm also seeming to still have enough weight for my Railgun use. Damn I love that weapon so much. Still eventually gonna craft a Plasma Cannon for the suit & screw around with it... then the Lightning Summoner... The MPS Mod needs to be re-continued. Especially, that Dimensional Tear Generator needs to be gotten working right. Edit: I just tried testing further... I tried Railgunning myself into the stratosphere with the Jet Boots on & again with them off, then again onn, then again off. I'm noticing a major difference in fall speed between on & off. The Boots are making a difference, the Jetpack then having them both turn on & off with the same Hotkey (That BETTER be possible...) oughta give me my Flight! Also just got a Resonant Energy Cell crafted & am now charging it. It'll rock for it to be able to power my Quarry & Pump in the future instead of the damn annoying hooking up 2 Steam Dynamos, 2 Aqueous Accumulators, a few Water Sources, & some Redstone Energy Conduits to the Quarry everytime, & one Steam Dynamo & 1 Aqueous Accumulator for the Pump. Can't wait till I can craft a second one I can dedicate to suit power.
  14. But then what will keep me weighted down against my own Rail Gun shots? But if I get the Jetpack built then still can't get off the ground, I may not have a choice... Edit: Now that I think about it, how strong IS the Energy Draw on 4 active Energy Shields...? I got the Solar Generator & Advanced Solar Generator both Installed along with the Kinetic Generator & the one that gives power from extreme heat for my Nether Jaunts...
  15. I already jacked up the Rocket Boots to max power & key bound it & tried turning it on... but I forgot to think about weight. I think all my MPS pieces weigh over 30 of whatever measurement the game uses, forget off the top of my head. I'll see if I can get the MPS Jetpack built & see if I can get it to work then, hopefully the Rocket Boots & Jetpack can work together & synergize. If not, might have to give Simply Jetpacks a try... though it'll be annoying switching between a Jetpack & my MPS Suit. Also gotten started on EE3 use, & managed to promptly derp up & found out Gold Swords don't suffice, though the Gold Armor Pieces do. 2 Minium Dusts down, 6 to go. Shoulda got started on it long ago then I coulda had plenty of Diamonds & Resonant Ender to Upgrade my MPS Suit with. Dang Tekkit is so big & hard to explore. Edit: Typo Fixes. Why doesn't Firefox's Spell Checker work on these Forums? :/
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