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  1. Wanna make a new highend hexxit server with me? Message me/reply to this!

    1. darkmega


      make it an official masters of minecraft test server for us and our friends so that they actually have the energy to test because it'll be multiplayer and they won't be bored and highly prone to ragequit because playing with friends is always funner and better... (atleast, thats how it works with my friends. none of them want to test cause internet is too slow to even think about multiplayering the pack and so they all are like "meh".).
  2. Pie? Man I don't like pie anymore, sorry pie i got a new gf! xD

    1. Soupa


      What does this mean.
  3. I now, officially have the most gorgeous girlfriend in the world <3 And she's about 8-9 years younger then me (I'm 24, 25 in oct shes 16). Next move: Bang her. Simple. Lol

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    2. Mooseman9


      I can't stop laughing. Jesus Christ. That lol at the end figuratively killed me.
    3. Gio²


      Its not something for a 24 yearsold to say something like this on a MC forum. Or you really are a creep.
    4. Soupa


      I don't know why but I feel incredibly offended.
  4. A quote is essentially using someone else's words to be insulting.

  5. Vlandox was banned for wearing a tux on a game platform. Tux XD. My penguins called tux xD
  6. Lemme guess, Im banned for kidnapping a penguin and sitting him on an SSD... ^,^
  7. Vlandox should be banned for smoking a fag whilst wearing a tuxedo, Making the tuxedo stinky!
  8. "Speak when you are angry, and you will make the best speech you'll ever regret." -Lawrence J. Peter

  9. Owner of The Deatrix Network

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    2. Soupa


      Owner of Fish
    3. Lethosos


      Owner of... well, it's blueish-grey and very fuzzy...
    4. Soupa
  10. Onions are tasty.. Just like yo mama! Know what I be sayin'? ;)

    1. Melfice


      No. I don't think I know what you're saying. Care to elaborate?
    2. Kalbintion