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  1. Alright the purpose of this thread is to list as many sites as we can that can host a modpack zip. There are some conditions for adding sites to the list. They must: 1. Be Free 2. Give a Direct Link to the file that can be used to download directly (no secondary pages) 3. Have enough capacity to host a large zip modpack (around 250mb) The list so far: 1. Dropbox (right click on download button and use the link to that button)(bandwidth limit) 2. www.ge.tt (technicpack.net times out or says the link is an invalid download location, good host for manual downloads though) 3. Ubuntu One (not working for me, gets stuck on connecting screen when uploading) 4.https://mega.co.nz (doesn't have direct links, good for hosting manual installation of pack) 5.omploader (not working for me, gets interrupted connection)
  2. Forgive my ignorance, but I've tried everything on the copy.com website to get the direct link and everytime i test it with the platform it errors. Any advice?
  3. Just thinking, any of you tech savvy networking guys out there with the hardware could start a little business for this very problem. If you keep it reasonable enough, I'm sure most of us wouldn't mind paying to keep our modpacks hosted.
  4. Will do, thanks Torezu
  5. Thanks anyways NightKev. I think it my be something on the tecnic site side. I wonder if we can contact their webmaster to inquire about it. And yes SXScarecrow, that's seems to be the fate of us cheapskate modpack compilers. Ah well.
  6. So i'm trying to update the link to my download on my modpack page to the download link I got for my file from http://www.ge.tt/ But everytime I try to "save modpack" and update the changes I made to my page my browser times out. I've tried it with Firefox, IE, and chrome. But when I leave the download link field blank or with a different url, it saves and updates just fine...
  7. I've tried omploader but it hasn't worked for me yet. It says connection was reset, problem loading page with mozilla.