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  1. Name: BlackJackMiller5 Age: 14 1/2 What do you wish to accomplish?: I've been looking for a fun, mature Tekkit/Towny Server for a while. The RP aspect seems interesting, and I may try that out in the near future. I'd like to get comfortable with Tekkit, meet some new people, and make a name for myself. Have you played IC2 or Buildcraft?: I've played with both, I enjoy them both, but I am no where near fluent with them. I play with them normally using Tekkit, so my knowledge of IC2 and Buildcraft is as broad as my knowledge of Tekkit as a whole. What is the purpose of a Macerator?: Grinds down most ores into smelt-able dust, yielding two dust per one ore; also grinds down ingots back into their dust form; creates coal dust from coal to be used in carbon fiber. Recommendations(if you been invited): None. Others things you should know: Timezone: (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) New-ish to Tekkit, still learning the basics (I have the wikis and tutorials for each major Tekkit mod bookmarked xD ). Probably will not contribute to the RPing until I've gotten comfortable with the server and Tekkit. Very very shy, I won't talk very much for a while.
  2. Hey guys, first post here! Been having some problems with the Faithful 32X32 Tekkit Texture pack; Basically all of the Tekkit stuff (items, blocks, etc) display in 32X32 textures as they should, but the Vanilla textures display in 16X16. Any reason as to why this is happening? Any solutions? Thanks in advance for any help! :D