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  1. Minecraft Username: TekkRiley Age: 13 (I am a little young for most servers) Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: No, Not that I know of. What do you plan to do on the server: I love to build a RPG looking town and it can be for new players for when they start. What is your previous experience with tekkit: I have a fair amount of tekkit knowleage, I am in the middle of Regualar and Advance.
  2. IGN: TekkRiley Age: 13 ... D: Location (country): Australia, I'm an aussie mate ;D Have you read and agree to the rules: Yes and I will never break them! Have you played Tekkit before?: Yes, I have been playing since the start of this year. Have you signed up on our forums/website (not required to!)?: No I not yet but I am going soon if I remeber! Questions: 1. What texture pack is that in the photos? That's all, Thanks Have a good day!
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