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  1. After more than 20,000 hours of downtime, 4 million support tickets and a crap ton of beer, we are now back in action, hopefuly for good. Thanks for being patient :)
  2. Hey guys, a quick update on why it is taking forever and then some, we ran into an issue with the server saying we did not have a required file that we obviously had cause it's a transferred running server, and then some painstakingly long arguments through the night with the hosters, I have finally convinced them there just might be something wrong with their shit. Also please remember I am a college student, I have class, homework, etc, and I am literally 100% busy with trying to fix this server and all my other stuff as well. You can believe your ass I am just as frustrated as you guys are, also extremely displeased at the way the customer service is treating me. As of this moment, there is some maintenance going on and after that they promised to investigate why it's not working. Hopefully it will be done quick. My guess at what is happening is the control panel for our server is pointed at someone elses server. Anyways, be patient and good things will come. Go outside or something :)
  3. grief protection will be fine, yes, we are having issues getting it setup and it may take more time than I thought it would, but we will be up and running soon I hope.
  4. We are roughly at 50% uploaded we may have to do a few reboots after, but hopefully all will be fine after that.
  5. I noticed that PrimeExia I'm sorry guys the server went down again and did a rollback I suspect so rather than have people keep losing hard work I thought it would better to leave it off till we get to the new server host. I hope it wont be down to long, as I would like to play as well. Wish us luck! :)