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  1. UnityGaming Presents BasicCraft: Tekkit early beta starts today! IP: Intro Basic Craft: Welcome to Our Tekkit Server. You start in Redstone city (the Capital) Here you can trade with others or gain vital information about playing on the server. Once you leave Redstone City you lose teleportation privileges expect for /spawn. If you want to get somewhere you can build a Rail-Line to your base or try a jet pack either way on this server you have to get to places the old fashioned way with cord's. So will you team up or go solo?. Will you start a town or start a company? On Basic Craft the choice is yours About BasicCraft: This will be a 24/7 FAIR tekkit server for Adults. We are building a community of Tekkit players and your invited. Some of the features will inculde Towns, Iconomy, and World guard. We take away things like EE and Nether ores to make things fair. Our primary goal is to provide a fun, constructive, unique Server. and we want you to be a part of it. Required Server Info: Pictures Coming Soon! Rules: Be respectful No unfair advantages Don't intrude on others or blow their shit up(Grief) Removed Mods: EE (Devalues Diamonds) NetherOre (Devalues Diamonds) Plugins: Iconomy Towney LWC Uptime: 24/7 This Server is not Completed yet and is still under Dev but we are allowing players to go ahead and get started Whitelist app: IGN: Age: What you want to do on the server: About you: Pictures of previous builds: (optional, but will increase your chances of being accepted)
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