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  1. IP: RULES: -No discrimination, racism, whatever. -PVP, raiding, griefing is allowed. -No spawn killing. BANNED ITEMS: - Collectors -Destruction cataclyst -Red matter -Iridium ore -Archangel's smite -Nuke -Philosopher's stone -Harvest godess -Swiftwolf's ring -Ring of Arcana -Watch of flowing time -Nova catclysm -Project table -Igniter -World anchor -Anchor cart PLUGINS: -Factions -Essentials -Group Manager -Tekkit Customizer DESCRIPTION: -This is a brand new factions PVP server! We are two admins on the server, and we have been working tirelessly for a month to get this server started! We have banned some items to make the PVP more balanced and fair. We have been playing Tekkit for a long time on different servers, and after a while we dicided to create our own. We are both Norwegian, but speak English with no problems at all. We hope to see you on the server! UPTIME: -Uptime is expected to be 24/7 unless restarts or maintenance are necessary. COMMUNITY: -Currently we are about 10 people regularly playing. Most of us are IRL friends. The rest of us are from Reddit. Our page on Reddit is open for everyone to post. The link is SCREENS: - contains pictures of spawn aswell as a player created building. EVENTS: -Warday once every month! During Warday, all plugins except TekkitCustomizer is banned. The group/player who can hold spawn the longest during warday, will recieve a prize.