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  1. ok I just found out i had things in the origanal perms file so i deleted that now when i type a command such as /help or /f power or any of the commands in the perms file its dosnt show anything. p.s.-I forgot to say im using permissionsex nevermind im changed to group manager
  2. Title: tekkit lite permissions Version: 0.5.1 OS: windows 7 64 bit Java Version: jave 7 u10 Description of Problem: ok i have a permission but i think there is a bug with it because i used the online checker came up with nothing. it might or might not be a bug with tekkit but anyone nonOP cant use any of the commands Error Messages: none Error Log: groups: Member: default: true prefix: '&0(&8M&7ember&0)&7 ' permissions: - bukkit.command.plugins - bukkit.command.tell - - factions.kit.fullplayer - essentials.hat - essentials.afk - - - - essentials.msg - essentials.rules - essentials.suicide - essentials.delhome - essentials.back - essentials.home - essentials.sethome - essentials.tpa - essentials.tpdeny - essentials.tpahere - essentials.tptoggle - essentials.warp - essentials.spawn - permissions.* Owner: prefix: '&0(&4Owner&0)&7 ' permissions: - permissions.* - '*' users: paty413: group: - Owner permissions: - permissions.* Aquanah: group: - Member
  3. ok i updated bukkit forge to update 80 and now it working as far as i can tell
  4. Title: Factions and tekkit Version: 0.5.1 OS: windows 7 64 bit Java Version: 7e10u something like that Description of Problem: I'm using forge bukkit with factions other plugins im using is world edit world guard and essentials. on the console i dont see any errors but when i start it show factions when i do /help but when i use any commands such as /f help or /f create nothing happens while other mods work when i type commands in. on tekkit version 0.5.2 Error Messages: Error Log:
  5. Does anyone know how to craft these because nei dosnt show the recipe and I cant find the mod for it i suspect it is ic2 but cant find the recipe on their wiki
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    let me sing you a sad song on youtube trololol trolol trolo trolo trololol trolol trolo trolo No. Don't. This is not how we post here.