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  1. Yea, it's still being worked on but it's gonna have some difficulty settings with different prizes. The giant tree is also going to be a "marathon" dungeon, with about 50 floors and bosses/mini bosses.
  2. Bump, Towny is now available to all players to use. 1st dungeon is being worked on.
  3. PVP is allowed outside of the spawn. Using balkins to exploit the pvp protection is not okay. I will unban you since you've been a regular player for a while, just don't PVP in the spawn and we'll be ok.
  4. Are you sure you put in the minecraft server I.P. and not the vent server I.P.?
  5. Server IP: Vent info: glog.typefrag.com Port: 38838 About Welcome to the Tekheads server! We are currently in an open beta status. What this means is we will be going through some changes over the next few weeks as players report issues/bugs with the server. We are looking for some dedicated players who will be able to play on the server and give us suggestions on how to make the player experience the best it can possibly be. We are a brand new server, so there are no pictures currently. Once there are some nice builds we will get some pictures/videos. We plan on using Towny for more group orientated building. I really love the whole "Towny day war" thing. The surviving towns will be receiving a special token that only kings will be able to use, which allow them to buy special items like nano sabers, pieces of quantum, resources, and other cool prizes. Grief Prevention will still be available for those who don't want to be in a town. We also plan on having treasure chests that are lootable once, and some that are only available to certain ranks. These chests can either have set items in them, like dungeon rewards, or completely random loot! There will be dungeons and courses built that will have special rewards, and may even have a price for entering. We want to give the player a fun experience so they can really use most items in tekkit. Why go mining ever again if you can just get some iron by dumping trash into a condenser? Why build any of the cool balkin's weapons if pvp is disabled? Why use minecarts/jetpacks if you can just /warp anywhere and fly? In addition to giving mining a purpose again, we wanted to give some easily overlooked items use. Currently, there is no point in using leather armor. Iron can be obtained in just the first 15-30 minutes in the game. We have Archer Elite installed to better balance bows and leather armor. Wearing a full set of leather armor allows you to deal 1.5 times normal damage at close-med range, and 2x damage for long range shots. A few golden tools also have use now. The golden axe will now allow you to cut trees like cactus. Just hit the bottom of a tree with your axe and it will 'pop' the tree. Originally this worked on all axes, but it was just too easy to acquire wood. We figured the best way to balance this was to use it on golden axes. While it may not have as good of durability as a gem/iron/diamond axe, you can chop trees a lot faster! The golden shovel is used with the grief prevention plugin to expand your claimed area. We plan on giving special properties to chainmail and gold (such as dodge chance, increased speed) as soon as we find plugins that allow such a thing. I found on earlier but sadly lost the link. We utilize a plugin called CreeperControl that allows us to still let TNT be usable as a PVP item while stopping it from causing block damage. We also block creeper block damage but do not block the damage done to a player. Nothing sucks more than to have a creeper destroy your fancy piping. Expected uptime: 24/7 is the goal, may have occasional outages while in beta. Plugins: Iconomy Chestshop Archer Elite Grief Prevention Core Protect Essentials Permissions Ex TreasureChest Creeper Control Enchant Anything Tekkit Customizer FC_Bounty MobBountyReloaded Vault Plugins to be added: Towny Vanish NoPacket Banned Items Most "sit back and wait for resources" Items have been banned, like the Energy Collectors and Quarry. Machines like the IC2 Miner are still enabled though. We have also removed the ability to craft most EE items (Like covalence dust, philo stone, etc..) because we believe that most EE items are too over powered for how easy they are to obtain, and could seriously ruin the economy. If for some reason you find a way to bypass the crafting bans (such as an auto crafting bench) we have a inventory scanner that will remove the item from your inventor and you will NOT be compensated for them. If you manage to get your hands on a banned item, the server will log the info. So as soon as you come in contact with an item you should not have, please inform me so I can fix it. Failure to notify me will result in a temp (or perm) ban. However, this doesn't mean all EE items are banned. You can still purchase certain items in the admin shop at the spawn area (coming soon). These are the current item bans: EE. All items are crafting banned. Interdiction Toches will be available for purchase Alchemy Bags will be availble for purchase Repair Talisman will be available for purchase [*]The Cannon from Balkins Weapon Mod Bypasses protection plugins. May allow trusted members to use [*]The Quarry Sit back and wait for resources, ruins the economy and leaves giant holes in the ground [*]The Mining Lazer Causes lag and bypasses protection plugins. May allow trusted members to use. [*]Quantum Armor and Nano Saber The plan is to allow maybe the Nano Saber and Quantum Helmet/Boots for kings of nations (Towny) [*]Tunnel Bore Bypasses protection plugins [*]Nukes Griefing tool [*]CC Turtles Bypasses protection plugins. May allow trusted members to use [*]World/Dimensional Anchors Not much need for them since energy collectors are banned, but will still give donators the ability to craft/place them. [*]UU-Matter recipes Can inflate the economy. May allow players to sell large amounts for certain items to still give it some use. Staff Owner: Dr Shankums Admins: Slummy1492, Sadalsuud98 Mods: Muffincake121, Jacobb1291 (Please do not ask to be a builder/mod/admin/etc. You will NEVER be considered for the position. All staff will be selected by the current staff) Rules [1] Most EE Items are banned. If you have banned items on your character they will be automatically deleted. [2] Show respect to everyone, not just the admins. [3] Griefing protected areas can get you banned, unless you are in seige mode. [4] If you aren't sure if it's griefing or not, it probably is! [5] If you are being griefed, contact Dr_Shankums or an admin. [6] Spawn killing is not allowed. If they are not trying to kill you, do not repeatedly kill them. [7] Use common sense. If you like the server and have enjoyed playing on it, please give us a bump! We will have something special for all of our beta testers once we go live!
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