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  1. Read my post on plugin help

  2. How do i disable the Oil derrick gamemode hack and can you setup a groupmanager save so as soon as a player join server they can do Build and place like you should Rank: Member spawn help tpa tpahere seen and with moderator RANK: Moderator all above added: kick tempban whois gamemode fly tp tphere and could you just make a rank with the prefixes because they get op Admin Head-Admin Co-Owner Owner If you want a charge dont reply If its free email it to [email protected]
  3. [Whitelist Application] Minecraft Name:billy225500 Why you would like to join the community here at SilliTekkit:I would like to join because my last server shut down if i get accepted i will be more than happy to vote for the server Do you have any bans on record?Yes If so, Why?all my bans are from minecraft How long will you be able to play on SilliTekkit? i can play ALL day unless i am doing something
  4. Minecraft Name: billy225500 Do you have any bans on record? No If so, Why? It would be awesome if you could accept me. Thanks.
  5. White-listMinecraft Name:billy225500 Do you have any bans on record?No If so, Why?
  6. White list applicationMinecraft Name: Do you have any bans on record?No None at all as far as i know. If so, Why?
  7. [White-List Application] IGN: billy225500 Why would like to join the community here at SilliTekkit?: I really like tekkit loads and i normaly play tekkit for 12 hours so i would normaly be on all the time and every server i have been on got good items banned but this one with everything allowed made me want to join as i say i would love to play on this server thanks. Do you Have any bans on record?: No regards, billy225500
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