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  1. Hey, could you poke sillibird about the post I put on his profile? I can't access the server right now, cheers.

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    2. Ultimay


      When I join the server, I get NullPointerException, which means there is an item with a duplicate ID in my inventory, I think it may be a stack of purple lamps, but to fix it you need to access my playerfile, and the server is hosted by an external source so I don't know how Silli could fix it. This is what I put to Silli on his profile http://www.mediafire.com/view/?4ld70elbak409ce
    3. AlbanianTerra


      He needs to delete your player.data since I believe your account has been corrupted.
    4. Ultimay


      Will either you or Silli be able to get me my items back?
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