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  1. I wasn't on at the time so I haven't a clue why but it is most likely corrupted or host is deciding he/she doesn't want to host again.
  2. 1) No, world anchors aren't banned. 2) There is no restrictions holding anyone from mining, you may be mining in someone's land or too close to spawn. Tell an admin/moderator to check it in-game. 3) There is no need, I've seen your construction abilities, but it's okay for now since the spawn is planned out:).
  3. Minecraft in game name: Any bans? If so why? -Warning we check your bans with a trusted website, so very few if any people with bans get on.
  4. 1) Community is probably one of the best. 2) Quite a few to be honest but the server has been up for long, I'd say about a ban every 2 days average. 3) -Ask Sillibird 4) Factions, IConomy, LWS, Logblock, Swatchdog (For safer server), KeepItems and a few more.
  5. -------------------------SERVER IS DOWN------------------------- Sillibird is working hard to get it up and running again. Save us the complaints and wait. Thanks!
  6. It's been down for 3 hours for me, I thought it was client side. What error you getting?
  7. Sillibird is the (only) server owner. But I'm an admin too what you need help with?
  8. Loooool! Your server was too complicated for simple minds like mine and Silli's:3
  9. You should check through the texture pack folder, and look for a file/folder called 'Fonts' delete it and the text should return to default minecraft, -OR go into video settings once playing tekkit and click 'Custom Fonts' to 'Off'
  10. Silli help, server has communication error (for me not sure if for others) internet is fine, i'm not sure whats causing it -.- (Always me...)
  11. This texture pack is beautiful, best I have seen for a long time.
  12. Bans from any type of server, if you grief on a minecraft server i'm sure tekkit will be a even better place to grief. Your not getting Whitelisted give up.
  13. My mistake, sorry, and theres nothing that seems right, once agian there isn't much we can do.
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