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  1. I am trying to make a simple mod to add blocks to my server. I just want them to be like stone with no special properties. Also I want them in the creative inventory. I've actually managed this in 1.3.2 with forge, but I am not sure how to scale it back to 1.2.5. I have pieced together some code from the suggested tutorials, but I am not sure if I am going in the right direction. Could someone please help me with this. My mod file code: package net.minecraft.src; import net.minecraft.src.forge; import net.minecraft.src.forge.NetworkMod; public class Mod_VoyagerBlocks extends NetworkMod { public Mod_VoyagerBlocks() {} @Override public boolean clientSideRequired() { return true; } @Override public boolean serverSideRequired() { return false; } @Override public String getVersion() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub return null; } @Override public void load() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub } public static Block BlockHolodeck; public static Block BlockBrownPanel; public static Block BlockCheckerTile; static { BlockHolodeck = new BlockHolodeck(3000, 0).setBlockName("Holodeck").setHardness(1.0F).setResistance(1.0F); BlockBrownPanel = new BlockBrownPanel(3001, 0).setBlockName("Brown Panel").setHardness(1.0F).setResistance(1.0F); BlockCheckerTile = new BlockCheckerTile(3002, 0).setBlockName("Checkerd Tile").setHardness(1.0F).setResistance(1.0F); } } . and next one of the Block class files package net.minecraft.src; import net.minecraft.src.forge.ITextureProvider; public class BlockHolodeck extends Block implements ITextureProvider { public BlockHolodeck(int itemID, int texture) { super(itemID, texture, Material.rock); } @Override protected int damageDropped(int metadata) { return metadata; } @Override public String getTextureFile() { return "/Voyager.Holodeck.png"; } }