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  1. WOW I looked everywhere on the internet but did not look on the cable.... haha thanks! And tesseract is a good idea unfortunately you do lose ~25%
  2. I have recently starting building 'Big Reactors' and I have noticed that all my power was not leaving the reactor. I was wondering if the bottleneck was the powertap or the redstone energy conduit. Do redstone energy conduits or power taps have a limit? What are they? Would it be reasonable to have multiple power taps and multiple cables coming out of a large reactor in order to transport all the energy?
  3. Yes Big Reactors. I was looking into this and I found a program for CC that I believe was supposed to change the % or something as it was more full with power therefore slowing down production. If I am not familiar with RedNet or CC, would there be an easy way to do this without having to turn my reactor turn off on off on, but rather just slow down consumption and production when more full? EDIT: This is what I was trying but the program would not work. http://pastebin.com/V0eueruY
  4. I know in the previous Tekkit there was an energy monitor, is there one now? I am looking for a way to shut down my nuclear reactor when my power storage is full. Thanks!
  5. Hey I was looking into alternative power gen and these two mods came to mind. Which one is better? (more fun, more effective, cooler...) Thoughts?
  6. That's unfortunate to hear as I just collected all the symbols to create the age you recently described to me for my quarry. Fortunately I keep ~48h backups so it's not that bad. I appreciate your help once again. Thank you!
  7. *Client Closes on Opening World* Hello, I am having an issue and I hope someone can help. When I was mid-playing today my laptop lost power and shut off. After plugging it in I tried to open my world but after clicking it, it briefly says 'Loading World' and then the client exits. Does anyone know any solutions? Thank you!
  8. I seem to be having trouble loading my mystcraft worlds with all the chunk loaders I've tried so far. Is this a problem or am I delusional? What would the solution be? Thanks!
  9. Fantastic. Does is matter which page goes with which symbol?
  10. Great, exactly what I wanted. Although I have three questions, 1) Would I just plug all these pages in when creating a book? 2) What do you mean by "glowstone formations you can mine by hand", can the quarries not mine them? and 3) Did you mean to say ocean biome twice, do I put two pages in?
  11. Hello, I am looking for some insight into confusing but exciting world of Mystcraft. I was wondering with all the symbols out there, what would be the ideal age to mine with quarries? I want sapphires, rubies, emeralds, quartz, nether quartz, glowstone, and if possible even crystal. I know dense ores is unstable so that would not be an option. What symbols would I use to get a combination like this? Thank you!
  12. Hello, soon I am starting a new building and I am wondering which blocks are most resistant to things such as TNT, creepers, rocket crashes, nuclear meltdowns, etc.. I was thinking of using my abundance of obsidian but I remember it being nerfed to be replaced with IC2 reinforced material. Now that IC2 is gone, is there a new better material?
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