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  1. Thanks for your applications guys! You've all been accepted! Give around 5 minutes for me to add you to the whitelist!
  2. Teamspeak - ts.gathorian.net:7878 Server - mc.gathorian.net We will send you the password for Teamspeak once your application has been accepted. Our server has a lag free environment. The server is up 24/7 run through a dedicated box at a data-center in the United States. The goal that we strive to achieve and maintain is that of running a well managed and up-to date Tekkit server. Our server is unique.. Every small aspect of our server is tailored around you, the player. We aim to provide a new, fun and memorable Minecraft experience. Tekkit is a modification for Minecraft which adds in extra blocks, items, and hours of fun. Gathorian's hardware has been tweaked to assure optimum performance for running a Tekkit server. Seeing as how we value the opinions of our player base all users have the ability to vote on changing the time or weather. In addition to voting on weather and time, players have the ability to vote on kicking disruptive players. The server economy uses Industrial Credits. This item is built into the mod Industrial Craft 2. The credit is a craft-able item which can be made by crafting four Refined Iron. It is up to the individual user to trade or set the prices that he or she wants to sell items for. To keep the server running grief free and the economy fair we do have some items banned. All items banned are due to their ability to grief, duplicate, or give an unfair advantage over others. For a full list of banned items type "/warp rules" once you have joined the server. Dynmap is a plugin that renders a full map of discovered area in the world. The link to this map is listed below along with a current image of our world. The border is set at 5,000 blocks in every direction from spawn. If this area becomes crowded it will be expanded accordingly. http://mc.gathorian.net:8123 If you are new to Tekkit or you don't know what Tekkit is, Check out this video below! Click here to watch. If you are interested in playing with us at Gathorian, reply below? You can add any details you deem necessary however you must have the following: Ingame Name: Age: Tekkit Experience (Yes, No): Amount Played (If Yes): Tell us why you would like to play on our server (Multiple Sentences Please): Previous Bans: Listing previous bans will not necessarily get your application denied however lying will. If we feel that you are a good match to what our staff are looking for during this preliminary phase, we will add you to the white-list as soon as possible and contact you informing you that we have. Thank you for reading this and applying.
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